Live Disc Jockey’s Simulation Arrival

Who doesn’t love music? It’s something that can bring the dead back to life. Music is loved by many across the globe. The love for music and partying has been the reason for gathering people at the clubs, discos, lounges, and all the places playing fabulous music. Can you think of these places having no disc jockeys (DJs)? “No DJ, No Music” is what strikes your mind first. But, don’t worry guys. There is a solution to this problem, a new app called Spark DJ.

Spark DJ

According to one of the founders of the app James Jones, the app plays and mixes tracks of some of the best artists in a good manner along with the addition of the customer requested song in the playlist. This is a fabulous app that can help the host of the parties personalize the music by purchasing the simulated version of the disc jockey. The two founders James Jones and John Boss together turned the program into a successful app which is now available on the Apple’s App Store. Though the app is free but it will cost you around $5 to $10 to play a mix at each party. The app can be programmed to play certain artist, genre, or situation-specific kind of track by selection and the app further creates a personalized mix. It’s amazing to listen to music DJed by an app rather than a live DJ. The request option will accelerate the partygoer’s mood to party. In addition to this, the app lets one thumbs up or down the requested song by continuing or halting its play.

This is going to meet up to 90% of the live DJ-challenges at least, which doesn’t seem so bad. Right? With the help of collected data and artificial intelligence, the app can transition the music. The app has been created looking at the music dynamics from a DJ’s point of view. According to the founders, the app is not going to replace the DJing profession as a whole. It is just going to fill the empty space, especially for the college students.

All the music lovers get ready to see the app take the huge DJing market by storm.

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