Liu Qiangdong and 2021 Successes at and More and the founder, Liu Qiangdong, had a banner day in mid-November of last year. The retail giant almost surpassed 350 billion yuan during its promotional event called Singles Day. The only company that has even come close two this sales figure is Apple. This bonanza lasted for 11 days, and during that time, consumers got access to deals on numerous brands.

Liu Qiangdong and 2021 Successes

In 2021, this shopping spree started four hours earlier than the previous year. This new start time was a strategic move because people did not have to start buying in the middle of the night. The few extra hours meant they could grab some deals before bed, and when they woke up the following day, there were plenty more sales to browse through.

Some of the clothing stores that did well were Victoria’s Secret and Bosideng. Victoria’s Secret was once known for its bras and panties, but the company has branched out into lingerie, sleepwear, and loungewear. This move proved to be fruitful inside’s blitz. Bosideng sales popular down outerwear. showcases hundreds of fashion stores inside their platform. Generation Z was the top consumer. This crowd has more than doubled their spending, and they are investing heavily in apparel. The young shoppers highlighted this spending habit in November.

Another top seller throughout many age groups was cosmetics. In the first few hours of the sale, some brands reported a 100% burst in transactions. Helena Rubinstein’s products moved quickly the first day.

Home appliances were also moving briskly during the first four hours. Some of the popular gadgets that the online buyers purchased were carpet cleaning bots and smart cookware.

Pet products were also popular. Owners are spending more and more to keep their animals healthy and happy. Liu Qiangdong created JD Health Pet Hospitals, and the network employs thousands of veterinarians and auxiliary staff. The demand for pet healthcare is rising, and these animal hospitals are filling the voids in small communities.

Cats have surpassed dogs as the most popular pet. Cats have received more treatments at these hospitals, but dogs are not far behind. The Singles Day event also showed how much pet owners were willing to spend on their animals. One of the top sellers was pet food. People tended to opt for the more high-end nutritional varieties.

The Single Day sale demonstrated that people are extremely interested in green technology and sustainable products. Solar panels and power systems were in demand, as well as recyclable household goods.

Liu Qiangdong is making sure that even rural areas have access to products. He wants all regions to experience the same standards. Metropolitans and small communities are seen as equal customers and valued. The crews are processing these transactions in warehouses across the country, and the company continually implements new technologies and automation to keep deliveries moving.

During the height of the pandemic, the company put 100s of autonomous delivery carts to work and reduced face-to-face contact. These delivery vehicles transported goods in almost 30 cities. The robots ended up delivering 200% more packages.

Qiangdong focuses on many projects at one time. He has also been working with the Seven Fresh restaurant team to get the operation in more markets. This business offers raw foods and meal planning solutions. The demand for fresh produce is increasing, and this niche eatery is filling the orders.

Liu Qiangdong came from humble beginnings, and he has developed a work ethic that is shining throughout all of his endeavors. There is more room for growth inside, and you can look for his continuing support for communities in China and around the world.

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