Linux Hosting Vs Windows Hosting

Basically, there are two types of hosting offered by web hosting service provider: Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. So user often gets confused between these two services. They are surrounded by questions such as: Should I choose Windows or Linux Hosting? What is the difference between this two hosting services?

We are here to help you and answer these questions and much more similar to them.

What is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

Basically, Windows and Linux are different types of operating systems. Linux is safer as well as well-organized than Windows. Linux does no fail to meet the expectations of web designers. Linux is the preferred choice unless and until your websites do not need any specific Windows applications.

Below is the list of Windows applications that need a Windows server:

  • NET
  • Visual Basic development
  • MS Access
  • Remote Desktop (dedicated servers only)

Another major difference that separated both the services is – Linux files are case-sensitive, while on the other hand, its opposite for Windows files.


On a Linux server, admin.html and Admin.html are different names.

On a Windows server, admin.html, Admin.html, and ADMIN.HTML are the same.

If my PC runs Windows, do I have to use Windows hosting?

Well, the answer to this question is NO. Your PC’s OS does not have to do anything with the type of service you choose.

Why is Linux hosting (or shared hosting) much affordable than Windows hosting?

Firstly, Linux is an open source system free of cost. Hence, service providers are saved from paying licensing fees while using Linux as their OS for hosting server. Hence, this is the whole and sole reason why Linux hosting, also known as shared hosting, is much affordable than Windows hosting services.

Which Web hosting service should you choose?

Before answering the above question, consider the following data. The table shows a brief about what types of tools are supported by both hostings.

Development Tool Linux Windows
WordPress® or other Web apps Yes No
PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, or Perl Yes No
Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG apps Yes No

Well, Windows and Linux hosting gives and provides the same quality of service. Both of them have their sets of advantages and disadvantages. At the end, it is the type of technology your websites needs that decides which type of web hosting service you will require. For instance, if you wish to setup an online forum using PHP or start a blog with WordPress, then Linux hosting will be suitable for you. On the other hand, if your website needs particular Microsoft-based technologies such as ASP, you will need Windows hosting.

So friends, now that you have cleared your doubts and have discovered answers to all your questions and queries, you are ready to choose the type of hosting you need.

Remember one thing, Linux and Windows hosting are both suitable for web hosting. But, it is the technology your website needs that decides which hosting to use.

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