Knowing the AUKEY Portable Charger

Now that detachable batteries are almost a part of the history, LG is the only firm still providing them. Many users have toggled over to employing transportable battery sets that provide a swing of benefits over a detachable battery. These transportable battery sets are worldwide. They will operate with whatever thing that utilizes a USB port. That includes the Pixel, Chromebook, as well as the Apple Macbook. Battery sets also differ in sizes, with AUKEY having enormous 30,000mAh ability; this is absolutely on the better end from the company. It also offers a USB Type-C port along with Quick Charge 3.0 technology. But with all these features, is the AUKEY portable charger worth the price tag?

Knowing the AUKEY Portable Charger

If you are familiar with any of the product from AUKEY in the past, then you will be aware as to what can you expect when it comes to quality. It’s reasonably well-built battery set and does not feel low-priced at all. It’s to some extent rough, but that is still no cause to go about plummeting this battery set. To remind you one more time, this is a battery, and tumbling it could do a complete lot of damage. As you would anticipate, given the ability here, this is a reasonably serious battery pack, particularly when measured up to some of the lesser 10,000mAh or yet 16,000mAh sets, which are out in the market.

Two USB ports are involved in the device. Both of them use AUKEY’s AiO technology. One of them is a Quick Charge 3.0 port that can be recognized easily since it is in orange and can be distinguished easily. Going in deep about the new technology, AiO fundamentally chats with your handset to discover out how much battery it can accommodate without harming the smartphone or anything else that is attached to it. Once this is done, it will thrust that much battery to your smartphone, so it is juicing up your handset as rapidly as it can, without harming it. If your handset does not support Quick Charge 3.0 technique of Qualcomm, then no need to worry. The battery pack also contains a micro USB port, which is utilized for charging the battery set, as well as a USB Type-C port.

So hurry up friends, and get the new AUKEY portable charger.

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