iPhone 6 Plus Touch Issue drags Apple to court in the US

Recently, some reports have surfaced on the web mentioning a major problem in Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The problem affects the Touch IC of the smartphones and destroys the touch sensitivity of the devices. Three iPhone owners affected by this issue have now taken the Cupertino giant to court by filing a class action lawsuit.

The case is filed in the U.S. District Court in North California. The trio who took their complaints to the court of justice is Jun Bai from Delaware, Todd Cleary from California and Thomas Davidson from Pennsylvania. They appealed to the bench claiming that Apple is flouting the consumer laws. The case also accuses the smartphone manufacturer of violating the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

The petitioners have demanded the iPhone maker to replace, recall or repair the handsets affected by the severe problem. They asked for warranty extension to the users of facing this issue in their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. The trio also wants Apple to compensate for the harassment faced by them.

What’s Apple Touch IC Issue?

Known as the Touch IC Disease, it is actually a severe problem which makes the affected phone completely unusable. The main symptom of this disease is the appearance of a flickering gray bar right at the top of the display, after which the touch sensitivity is getting lost forever. The grave problem is mainly occurring in iPhone 6 Plus. Some owners of iPhone 6 have also complained about the issue.

The main reason for this problem is allegedly due to a fault on Apple’s side. The company’s attempt to use inferior materials for cost saving has resulted into a serious trouble of its customers. The iPhone manufacturer used a sticker shield to cover up the logic board in the affected devices instead of using a metal safeguard. Naturally, the sticker is unable to offer the kind of protection needed from daily wear and tear of the smartphone resulting in damage to the Touch IC chip.

The main reason of such discontentment among the iPhone users is due to the fact that the Apple Genius Bars’ are unable to solve the issue. The reason for this is the lack of adequate infrastructure to work with the minute micro-controllers. Apple employees are straightway refusing to repair the affected phones as asking users to buy a new iPhone.The way out to solve the issue is to go to private iPhone repair facilities.

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