Apple iPad Pro vs Apple iPad Air 2: Specs, Camera, Display, Design and Price

Amongst other devices, Apple introduced the iPad Pro today at their event held in San Francisco. We want to know how does it compare to Apple’s previous tablet, the iPad Air 2.

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Both devices come in the same set of colours: Space Grey, Gold and Silver.

iPad Air 2 on the left and iPad Pro on the right.
iPad Air 2 on the left and iPad Pro on the right.

The iPad Air 2, being the smaller tablet, is a tad lighter at 0.96 pounds (0.43 kilos). The iPad Pro weighs 1.57 (0.71 kilos). The iPad Pro’s smaller sibling is also thinner at 6.1 mm while the iPad Pro is 6.9 mm thick, not a huge difference, though. Apple really did a great job by not adding any unnecessary bulk to the 12.9-inch beast and bringing a slew of new features to the tablet.


The biggest advantage of getting the iPad Pro is its beautiful retina display. The iPad Pro has 78% more screen space than the iPad Air 2 at 12.9 inches and the iPad Air 2 being 9.7 inches. This means that the iPad Pro has 2.5 million pixels more than the iPad Air 2. It also has a reinvented Multi-Touch subsystem which you can read more about here.

Screen Sizes

The iPad Pro allows usage of Smart Accessories via the Smart Connector on its side and, because of the new screen, expands your creativity with the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard
Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard


The Air 2 packs an A8X chip which is really powerful, but the Pro blows it out of the water with the A9X which is 1.8x faster than the last gen.


Cameras are not a decision maker because they are the same. Both devices have an 8MP iSight camera on the back and a 1.7MP FaceTime camera on the front. The iSight camera allows you to take 1080p video and 720p slow motion video and the FaceTime camera will take 720p video.

iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro cameras
iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro cameras


We still struggle to figure how Apple pulled this off, but both devices have a 10-hour battery life. Not easy to accomplish this being that the iPad Pro has 78% more screen space than the iPad Air 2.

10hr Battery Life
10hr Battery Life


Both devices will be running iOS 9 which comes out on September 12th. Many features will be the same, but Apple claims the experience of Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture is far greater on a bigger screen.


As far as pricing goes, the iPad Air 2 will set you back  now at $499 for the 16GB, $599 for the 64GB and $699 for the 128GB Wi-Fi only model. Wi-Fi + Cellural will run you a bit more at $629 for the 16GB, $729 for the 64GB and $829 for the 128 GB model.

iPad Pro goes for $799 for the 32GB and $949 for the 128GB Wi-Fi only model. Wi-Fi + Cellural only comes in 128GB and it will take $1079 out of your wallet. In addition to that, the device will circulate sometime during November.

All in all, both devices are great. The decision is really in you. Do you need a bigger screen for drawing, watching videos and playing games? If you answered yes, then sure, get the iPad Pro, but if you are a casual user and you love your Air 2, just hang onto it.

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