Interactivesquash: An Augmented Reality for Squash

Squash is one of the well-known sports. The technological advancement in the field of sport is expected to boost the various reputed games or sports known across the globe. In order to make the sport of squash even more interactive, the German company Fun With Balls GmbH’s founder Markos Kern came up with an idea of developing “InteractiveSquash” for making the game even more interesting for the players. The augmented reality projector helps create an immersive and ordinary playing experience. The device has a projector which projects augmented images on the front wall of the court in order to make the game altogether a fun experience and interactive. The games such as TicTacSquash and BlockSquash seem to be the big rivals for the InteractiveSquash in the global market.


The tech-friendly device has a plus side—the players don’t have to use any other extra specialized equipment other than the already installed hardware that can be integrated with any squash court. The hardware has a Panasonic laser diode projector which projects immersive images onto the front wall of the court. The projector has several cameras present on it. The cameras have the ability to record the speed, strength, reaction, calories burnt, and step taken by the players. The players can interact with the system using the button that appears on the front wall when the projector projects an image. Additional to this, the company also plans to launch “InteractiveSquash app” for making the device user-friendly. The app will let the users compare their gameplay statistics with other players, keep track of their data, check their progress rate, book courts, and also select games.

Speaking of innovation, the company plans to add video tracking and analysis features as well as four cameras to the advanced version of the InteractiveSquash. The artificial intelligence and camera added to the system will help the coach and the player analyze the overall training session in the real-time using the app.

InteractiveSquash is going to be one of the most interactive technology sport has ever seen.

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