Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation Core processors comes with Virtual Reality support

Intel has announced the release of Kaby Lake 7th-generation Intel Core processors. The new range of Intel Kaby Lake processors includes Intel Core m3, Core i5, Core i3 and the Core i7 in order of enhanced performance. Moreover, Intel also announced that the company will release a Y and U series of processors. These processors will integrate directly with the relevant platform input/output controllers for USB 3.0, SATA ports including SDXC ports. All the newly announced processors form part of a dual-core family. However, there will be variations in their base and maximum single core frequencies.

According to the company sources, the new range of Intel core processors is capable of delivering 10 times enhanced efficiency. This is when compared with the first generation processors. Meanwhile, Intel also revealed that the productivity apps will run 12 percent faster than the currently available processor variants.

Intel Kaby Lake – Thinner and Cooler processors

The core feature of the Intel 7th-Gen series of Core processors is the integration of a thinner 10nm manufacturing process. Hence, the processor will be extremely useful for the design of tablets, convertibles and fanless notebooks including 2-in-1 clamshell designs.

Intel Kaby Lake with Virtual Reality Support

The new 7th-Gen Intel processor also provides support for the next generation Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Hence, you will be capable of shooting 360-degree videos including running programs which support augmented reality. As per benchmark reports released by the company, the performance enhancements have been pegged at 19 percent.

Editing 4K videos made easy

With the new 7th-Gen series of Intel Core processors, you will be able to easily edit several 4K videos at the same time. This can be either browsing the web with several tabs or doing a video rendering work with Camtasia Studio.

The main reason for this improvement is attributed to several unique optimizations for 4K video. Intel has added hardware support for the new HEVC 10-bit decoding, VP9 decoding, and 360-degree video playback. You will be able to perform all these things while you’re browsing the web.

Intel Kaby Lake processors offer long backup

During the announcement of new Intel 7th-Gen Core processors, Intel has claimed that the new processors will be able to deliver up to 10 hours of 4K video stream playback. Moreover, the ability to deliver long backup will provide extremely vital for upcoming laptops. We expect manufacturers to start shipping new laptops with the Intel 7th-Gen Core processors by the first week of January.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the new Intel Kaby Lake processors will have the capability to play new games such as Overwatch. The processors will also provide support for the new Thunderbolt 3 standard. It will enable you to make use of a single cable to support up to 40 Gbps transfer speeds, two 4K 60Hz displays, system charging up to 100W, external graphics, and Thunderbolt networking.

Upcoming devices with Intel Kaby Lake processor

Microsoft is scheduled to release new Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book tablets with the new Intel Kaby Lake processors. With the announcement of Intel Kaby Lake, you can expect the arrival of new Windows 10 tablets by January 2017.

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