Instagram Introduces Advertising in Stories to Boost Revenue

Instagram Introduces Advertising

Instagram is one of the famous social media sites. After Facebook and WhatsApp, people prefer to surf on Instagram. Interestingly, Instagram will be rolling out more than 30 ads into its new feature. Yes!!! You guessed it right. It would be bringing these ads in its Instagram Stories. This will drive the ad revenue to a new height.

This will play an important role in bring up the economy of Facebook in 2017. When asked, the officials of the Facebook said that they will soon reveal the number of ads that need to be placed in front of the users. Well, this is right!!! The number of ads has importance in this field.

If you place countless number of ads in front of the user and block the original content, none of them will opt for your service.

Instagram will play the same role for Facebook as YouTube is doing for Google. It will be an important factor and will drive the revenue for Facebook.

Instagram stories enable the users and businesses to post short stories via pics and videos. And the main part is, these stories disappear within 24 hours.

The new plan of ads will show a full screen ad to the user, as they swipe through pics and video, for few seconds.

Well, we wish that this new ad campaign to be a success for both, Instagram and Facebook. But the company should just keep one thing in mind. It shouldn’t make an over dosage of the ads which could drive the users crazy.

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