Increase Your Combat Level In Runescape

Since the inception of online games and the influx of players vying for them, there has been one game that has constantly captured the attention of gamers. Runescape has always been the buzzy game that takes all players by their fantasy and makes them go berserk over winning it. The characters in the game are more than just screen elements as they touch everybody’s life by sucking them into the game world. The game has a semblance of reality as to how it connects and relates to any normal human being and his activities. Everything about a man and his disposition like combating, gleaning sources, or artisan crafts are portrayed and brought out in the game as lively as possible.

Combat Level In Runescape

The game version has also had a paradigm shift in recent times to enliven the fantasy element of players to higher degrees. The abodes and the gaming landscape have gone through a new makeover making it more spirited and perkier capturing the focus of gamers by leaps and bounds. The enemies and the opposition have become more powerful by resurrecting them as challenges that cannot be easily combated.

The official currency has also gained some traction making it a most popular game for people to flock on it. Recently there has been an inundation of participants for the game because of the fun quotient it promises. People take the effort by Buy RS3 Gold to partake in the game and reach levels of success promptly.

Method to play the game:

The game is a mixture of multiple skills that match every snippet of man’s life and players choose their modes according to their disposition. Every player is given his own venture to choose and he goes about trying to embark on his own journey. There are normal artisan skills, or gamers can get into a combat mode and fight their enemies to emerge victoriously. Some social mix up and interactions are also allowed according to his volition.

The regular mode and legacy mode are two different modes of the game. Legacy mode involves some amount of mastering a skill or weapons. The combat skill proves to be very worthy in this game as gamers are met with opposition on a constant basis. The amazing battles require a player to polish his combat skills and make him a warrior who is unbeatable. Let us get to know how to increase the combat level.

Increase the combat level in Runescape:

It depends on how keen you are to improve your fighting skills. There are times you would have an option to choose some other skills over combat to phase through the game. However, when a player sets his mind on combat and preps his methods to attain some power, there are ample ways by which he would become a warrior and more successful in that journey.

Steps to increase your combat level:

  1. Navigate to Lumbridge in the game and kill the cows.
  2. The Haakon and the barbarian level is a sure-shot fight entertainer where you can level up.
  3. Move on to the Edgeville Dungeon and defeat Hill Giants.

All these above steps automatically shoot up your combat skills and make you stronger. The need to power up your weapon skills along with purchasing or crafting them becomes a necessity. Sometimes specializing in one single preferred weapon can do wonders in your combat level.

Skills that are part of combat:

There are many skills that come as a must-have to propel your combat level. There are some weapons that come as a guiding factor for you to improve your combat talent to a higher degree. Master some combat craft or a weapon and try crafting one to expertise on it. That will skew up your combat skills to become more powerful making you the strongest and most indispensable.

The following are the procedures to improve your combat skills. They come across as stronger means to fight the battles that approach the gamers.

  1. Attack
  2. Ranged
  3. Magic
  4. Defense
  5. Prayer
  6. Strength
  7. Constitution
  8. Summoning.

The attack and strength are needed to get through slashing and smacking the foes to defeat. These steps make your points reach a certain high, spiking up your level and statistics considerably. They have to be repeatedly and constantly used to have any effect on your points. Ranged, magic, prayer, and defense also have an impact provided they are used frequently to up your levels in those skills. Prayers can be leveled up by burying bones or spreading ashes.

Defense points are the main element of triggering and proving your defense power. They are achieved by completing questions faster to be rewarded higher defense points. The Constitution comes through leveling up any of the above defense mechanisms. Summoning will need you to cruise through slayer objectives and pursuit of gaining charms that propel your levels higher as a result.

The maximum level of combat:

Runescape offers all the players with a unanimous combat level of 3 while they start. As they proceed, they reach the maximum combat level of 138. While on this journey they are combated many times which requires them to stay at their powerful best to attack for leveling up. The players who are lucky and have some OSRS gold in their arsenal can actually level up to the maximum combat level of 126 and they will be through.

The presence of NPC’s come down if your combat level has increased to a certain point above theirs, and level 69 will have an influx of monsters to attack the players left and right.

Best non-degradable Armor:

Runescape players encounter a lot of knights, warriors, and sorcerers on their journey to success. Your armor and weapons help you power through combat levels while your protection is shielded to the maximum.

One has to be smart enough to use the non-degradable weapon to prolong its leverage through the game. These weapons do not get subjected to any reduction in power or perished with constant usage.

One non-degradable armor is the Anima core of Zaros. To acquire it,

  1. Head of the Gielinor.
  2. Make it to level 80 with strong defense.
  3. From pieces of the crest of Zaros, you can craft an anima core of Zaros.


Runescape is a fun game that also stuffs you with some real-time challenges. Combat is one of them that has the power to up your levels and make you unbeatable in the game. The above-mentioned steps edify you on how you cope with your combat skills. Follow them diligently and you are through to be more powerful and successful.

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