HAPPY BIRTHDAY Xbox 360: Microsoft Corporation console turns 10 years old today!

Microsoft’s second generation of its Xbox gaming console line-up, the Xbox 360, turns ten years old today, followed by a decade that forever changed the gaming world and elevated the reputation of the franchise to a much higher degree.

Today is Sunday, November 22 and the Xbox 360 turns 10 years old. Being a Xbox fan since elementary school, there is a personal touch between me and the particular news story, bringing a lot of sweet childhood memories to the mind.

In case you are wondering, I bought the original squared-Xbox back in summer of 2004 – first grade in elementary – and the Xbox 360 sometime during mid-2006. I was actually amid the first people to get their hands on that piece of jewelry, in Greece.

The Xbox 360 was unveiled by Microsoft on November 22, 2005, in a rather peculiar manner, as instead of hosting a separate launch event for the console, it picked an MTV show hosted by actor Elijah Wood.

Albeit the much anticipation, a substantial proportion of the first Xbox 360 batch came with the infamous “Red Ring of Death” issue, which was so severe and had affected such a large number of devices, that Redmond was forced to fix these units out of charge.

According to Wikipedia, as of September 30 2013 – when GTA V was launched as well-, Xbox 360 had attained 70.8 million sales worldwide.

Moreover, VGChartz’s research suggests that, as of October 2015, the console has achieved 85.06 million globally, falling just one spot behind the 6th best selling console internationally, the Sony PlayStaion 3, while the number one rank is being maintained by the legendary PlayStaion 2.

On a more personal note, I remember that the day I bought the 360 I figured out that it came with a faulty cover for the controller’s cable ports. Despite the fact that both controllers that I was using were wireless, and I did not have the respective cable nor was I planning to pick one up, the particular malfunction still bugged me, resulting to going back to the store an hour after and getting a new unit- sorry dad.

Unfortunately, for the life of me I cannot recall the games that the bundle included and my Xbox is home, while I study abroad- hence it is implausible to check at the current momment.

Regardless, here’s to the next 100 years benchmark, Xbox 360!

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