New Google Maps update for iOS brings traffic alerts

Google Inc. has just released an update for the iOS variant of Maps, which finally incorporates the traffic alerts feature that Apple users have been longing for since it rolled out to the Android counterpart.

Traffic alerts might seem as a negligible update, though, at its core, it is substantially vital, since it lets the users know in real time if an accident takes place in the area that they’re driving, it gives them a heads up in case of a probable traffic jam, and a plethora of other incidents that should be good to be aware of before hitting the road (police patrols, road maintenance etc.).

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The search giant has pulled out this trick from its secondary navigation software, Waze, which Google purchased back in June of 2013 for a humble for today’s tech scene standards, US$1.3 billion. In addition to Waze, the app underwent a significant design overhaul that attracted a lot of former Google Maps users.

Circling back to Maps for iOS, despite this new update, the Android installment is still much more sophisticated, as it is fitted with a handful of exclusive gimmicks that are yet to be introduced to Apple’s mobile operating system; two of them being sports voice navigation and alerts.

To implement the traffic alerts feature into Google Maps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, head up to the App Store, search for the respective application’s page, open it and click the update button.

Source: Google Maps, Google+

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