Google Looking to Advance Release of Enterprise Edition

During the weekend Google (GOOG) shut down many of its social accounts relating to Google Glass. The company is now focused on its Project Aura. This includes the Enterprise Edition, which may be officially unveiled in 2016.

Google Glass isn’t Dead

Many of the social accounts for Google glass, including Twitter, Google+ and Instagram were shut down quietly over the weekend. Google Glass was well ahead of its time for many consumers. However, Glass 2, or the Enterprise Edition, is happening, but this time it will be more for work than for play.

Enterprise Edition the Details

The Aura team is working on the next version of Google Glass, which will be called the Enterprise Edition or just EE. While the release date this year is still in question, photos of the Enterprise Edition have only recently been released. There are many speculations regarding the costs of the upcoming version, as the original Google Glass cost on average $1500. This was considered too high for many consumers. If Google produces this version on a larger scale then the costs will come down. However, if Google does, as it seems to intend, which is to market the Enterprise Edition as a business tool, then as a work-related product the costs would stay the same.

Improvements to the New Design

Rumors can abound when it comes to improvements in new design and technology. As we can see in the released photos, the Enterprise Edition was not redesigned to be fashionable. With this thought in mind, it seems that the intended market for this product is still the workplace, and function will always outweigh form.





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