Google’s Anti-piracy efforts yields Company $2 billion

Google has been in continuous efforts to fight digital piracy, and their report suggests that it has yielded $2 billion to copyright holders from their content on YouTube.

Google has also been offering “more convenient, legitimate alternatives” that let consumers buy music, films, and other content, according to a statement. This is a part of their CSR where they try to protect creativity online. Copyright infringement is a serious matter for the company.

Using a system called Content ID has worked well in this matter. This allows a copyright holder to notify the company if its music or the other content is being used.

The entity who owns the copyright has the option to remove the content or take advertising revenue. According to Google, 95 percent of the entities chose the latter option.

The umbrella group has been trying to encourage fans to visit sites that generate more revenue than YouTube, took some offense with Google’s report.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry also said that Content ID did not 20 to 40 percent of the recordings. The Umbrella Group’s CEO, Francis Moore said that Google has the technology to tackle piracy in a much better way. She also accused the search engine of directing users to unlicensed sites on a large scale.

Google has started removing sites dealing with piracy from its advertising network. The company has paid out around $10 billion to content creators for content purchased on Google Play and YouTube.

Content piracy has been on the rise since over a decade, and Google being the foremost authority on directing users to them, has the responsibility to direct them to unpirated results. Google analytics has been a massive help in this area. Weeding out websites dealing with piracy has been one of its primary concerns.

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