Google Inc. AMP Project will be put to the test early next year

Google’s plan to optimize the web browsing experience for mobile users, will be applied early next year. The project was announced in October and it gained ground pretty fast.

Currently, thousands of publishers have expressed their interest in participating to the whole process, with some of them being CBS Interactive, Thrillist, International Business Times/Newsweek, Al Jazeera America and AOL.

When it first started, the AMP Project (“Accelerated Mobile Pages Project”) was thought by many to be Facebook’s Instant Articles competitor.

The main problem that gave birth to both projects, is the extraneous code, tracking scripts, and advertisements, that slow down the pages’ ability to load quickly on mobile devices. That causes many users to become indignant about the slow loading process and some of them even prefer to exit the site, making all those tools that publishers use to attract them, non-effective.

Apple has been aware of this issue and now allows its customers to block ads and other website content, like tracking scripts, fonts, and more, in iOS 9 by way of third-party Safari extensions.

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As a result of Apple’s – and many others – approach, publishers are finding their way to the courts at the most extreme cases.

Facebook, on the other hand, created the News Feed, which holds publishers’ content, speeding up a load of times while still offering layouts and formats that make the Instant Articles feel like publishers’ websites.

With the same concept in mind, Google’s AMP Project hopes to work with publishers instead of being against them, with utilized tactics and tools similar to Apple’s.

Google mentioned in the official post:

“This is the start of an exciting collaboration with publishers and technology companies, who have all come together to make the mobile web work better for everyone. Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn are among the first group of technology partners planning to integrate AMP HTML pages […]We hope the open nature of Accelerated Mobile Pages will protect the free flow of information by ensuring the mobile web works better and faster for everyone, everywhere.”

The company also intends to make other products integrate AMP HTML pages, such as Google News.

Other known analytics firms and tool makers that support AMP are comScore, Adobe Analytics,, Chartbeat, Nielsen, ClickTale and Google Analytics.

Until the final results are put to the test by mobile users, next year, you can give AMP pages a test by using a live demo (click here).

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