Fun and Frolic at the RunEscape Summer Beach Party 2018

The Summer Beach Party by Runescape began in the month of 30th July 2018 which is set to continue till 27th August 2018. This year’s event includes the ones that were seen in the previous summer parties along with the new addition of “face in the hole.” To gain substantial skills and experience, one can invest in the activities that revolve around the beach area. The unique tokens based on different items can also make up as rare price with any activity you choose.

RunEscape Summer Beach Party 2018

Sandy Clue Scrolls

The players can right-click at the Ryena to request the Sandy Clue Scroll. This particular event works similarly as opposed to completing the Treasure Trails that also brings in a unique clue set. Every day new trails are available which also includes any kind of missed trails that can be completed through a retroactive approach.

The rewards for this activity include different types of treasure trails which also includes beach items like water balloons. When one plans on completing a given clue, the player is rewarded with two caskets. While one of these can be opened on an immediate basis, the other requires the use of ice cream to cool the lockdown.


Clawdia is the hourly boss that emerges through water-filled hole that lies in the center of crater emerging for 45 minutes post an hour. It is indicated by the beach experiencing rainfall. She comes at the level 450 which holds 10,000,000 life points. This comes along with some damage dealt with in regards to the scaling of player’s level as well as life points. The participating players get the chance to obtain the loot only if Clawdia manages to retreat before it is killed. However, there is no kill count from unlocking the rewards.

Happy Hour

The “Happy Hour” comes at the scheduled time frame that allows every activity the spotlight plot for allowing the players to complete their activities with no increase in temperature gauge along with an increased chance for receiving an item. Additionally, the players shall also receive 10 per cent more for all skilling locations at the beach. This is because of the frozen temperature gauge where the players can easily continue with their skilling even after previously capping down the temperature or ice-cream meant for the day.

Coconut Shy

The beach also flaunts a coconut shy located towards the south-eastern periphery of the beach which is run by the Sarah. It also provides a Ranged experience which is relative to projectile type that is being thrown along with the ranged level of the player. Players can also deposit the tropical coconuts that have been collected from the Palm Tree Farming to reflect a proper farming experience.

Beach Ball Rolling

Additionally, you can also look for the portal for rolling beach ball towards the northern side of the beach. When you enter it, you teleport to the event for Beach Ball Rolling Island. Here the players can easily roll the beach balls towards the downside of the slope while running after them as the players try to stay upright for the longest duration.

Participating in this grants bring an experience of agility where the players tend to collide with the objects present on a route that can make them trip over. The players also tend to fall even without colliding while falling over at 45 meters height making it almost impossible for the player to reach the bottom line.

Old School RuneScape Gold

Old School RuneScape was released in the year 2013 in February after which it helped increase the diminishing player base for the original version of RuneScape. It comes as the similar copy of RuneScape but with improvements in engine along with new content plus quality life patches. Old School RuneScape Gold is the digital item located inside the game which can be procured by the player to increase his/her gaming potential with added skills.

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