Father’s Days Gifts For the Techie Dad

Father’s Day is upon us and although it doesn’t get quite the same publicity as Mothers Day ( I’m a Dad – disclaimer) still finding the right gift for Father’s Day can be quite the chore. Unless, you Dad is a techie. There are millions of Father’s Day gifts to choose from for the “techie Dad”.

Not only am I a Dad, but Im a techie Dad too. Here is a short list of things I wouldn’t mine being “surprised” with come Father’s Day.

AppleWatch1. Apple Watch 

Apple Watch officially hit the stores today. I don’t need one really, but something tells me I’d like to have one to play with. Perhaps I’m channeling my inner Dick Tracy, I don’t know. Since I am an Apple Products evangelist , adding he Apple Watch seems like a natural fit. Now I don’t need the 18K gold model, the base model will do just fine. I’ll be sure to post a review after I get mine. E-mail me for an address

gopro-camera2. GoPro Camera

I love looking at GoPro videos. I’m mesmerized by the adventure some people are willing to endure to get that perfect video. I’m not a skateboarder, a skier or a daredevil by any means. The best I could hope for is attaching a GoPro to my bike helmet, but it would fun to explore the possibilities. Again this isn’t a must have but, hey of someone else wants to get me one for Fathers’ Day, Ill take it and be happy.

Beats-Tour-In-Ear-Headphones3. Beats Headphones

Yes I know back to Apple, but I have lusted for a premium pair of Beats Wireless headphones since the day I saw them. I currently enjoy the standard ear buds that came with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus and frankly having been a father for nearly 32 years I think I’m worth it. If you feel so inclined I’ll take these .

Nikon-D7200-with-Nikkor-300mm-f4-lens4. Nikon D7200 Camera

Ah yes the new Nikon D7200. Now this is something I could actually use and can even make a case for having one because of work. I take sports shots, in particular baseball shots as part of my work as a baseball writer. While we are at it a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Lens needs to be part of the package. This kind of Father’s Day gift should be given only by those who really love me as the price may prove to be prohibitive, but I promise I will like it.

ipad-air2-overview-bb-2014105. iPad Air 2

By now you are probably seeing a theme to my wish list. I like Apple. I purchased an original iPad when it was first released. I still use it and day by day its becoming more and more antiquated and I use it every day. It is essentially my TV. A new one with lots of storage would make me as happy as the proverbial pig in slop. I’ll take the gray one.

This list isn’t as long as it could be. Suffice it to say if you’re confused go the the local Apple Store and pick up just about anything and I’ll be a happy daddy.

Founder of Technology News Extra.

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