Samsung Gear S2 Vs Asus ZenWatch 2 Vs Motorola Moto 360: Which one to buy!

The days when a watch was being reviewed based strictly on its style and the ability to tell the time as accurately as possible, are long gone. There are now technology companies that are receiving massive profits from this industry by mixing tech and style with a high-end tech. Smartwatches have now become an integral part of our daily lives so purchasing one is obviously a big deal.

The buyer needs to be aware of the latest trends on the market as well as specs and features of the wearables that he’s interested in. Not sure where to find those? No worries, here you can see a faceoff between Gear S2 Vs ZenWatch 2 Vs Moto 360 3 of the best smartwatches so far, as presented on the IFA 2015.


But first let’s clear out the areas of comparison. Every smartwatch that wishes to make a name of its own needs to provide 3 things: Good specs and features, that will make the user’s life easier and will add some fun with the UI experience, a good operating system that can establish a wide network for the owner and of course decent style that fits the buyer’s preferences. The last criteria may be a bit more subjective, but there are still some fine lines as to what is considered aesthetically accepted style and what not.

Specs and Features

So let’start with the specs and features. Between the three of them the Moto 360 has the biggest screen while the Gear S2 has the highest resolution and is also equipped with an Exynos 3250 processor whereas both the Asus ZenWatch 2 and the Moto3 60 come with a Snapdragon 400 processor. All three smartwatches have 512 MB of RAM but the Gear S2 seems to have the lowest battery life.


As for the rest of the features, let’s note here that Motorola’s Moto 360 and the Asus ZenWatch 2 are available in multiple versions that can have a few differences regarding the built-in features. For instance, the Moto 360 Port is great for outdoor use, since it is designed with 3ATM water resistance, a barometer and a built-in GPS.

Though, the most impressive feature that ultimately wins this round belongs to the Samsung Gear S2. You see, while all three smartwatches have Wi-Fi, the Gear S2 is the only one that takes things a step further and can use 3G to keep the user connected all the time while it can even operate Samsung Pay via NFC.


Operating System (Android Wear vs Tizen)

Second round is the operating system. Both the new Moto 360 and the ZenWatch 2 run with Google’s Android Wear, whereas the Gear S2 runs with Samsung’s own home brewed OS, the Tizen.



It is kind of obvious that while the Tizen might be a decent OS that provides the bare essentials; such as phone calls, emails and text messages, it still lacks the establishment of a network as big as Google’s with millions of apps and other tweaks. In addition, the Android Wear OS goes hand in hand with Google Now and has deep integration with Android phones and apps.


Style & Design

Finally, it is time to talk about the design. We should mention though that this is a more subjective area for the most part, but there are still some guidelines that can give you a pretty accurate idea of what’s hot in fashion and taste.


The Gear S2 and the Moto 360 have an oval shape, while Asus decided not to follow, giving its ZenWatch 2 a square one. But the shape is totally up to you. The real difference on the style and design is on the styling options that let you modify your smartwatch to fit another mood or situation. At this one, Moto 360 is clearly far above, having more than 300 styling options while at the same time the ZenWatch 2 has 18 and the Gear S2 only one -but at least it has got a rotating bezel going on, which is nice.

So comparing those 3 criteria, see which one is a top priority for you and combined with the price find your best match.

Senior reviews editor at Technology News Extra.

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