Facebook Inc. BLOCKS Tsu.co rival social network: Here is why

The social networking giant, Facebook, has recently blocked startup rival social network, Tsu.co, which essentially led users of both platforms wondering why this action took place.

In case you are not familiar, Tsu.co is a social network that was founded a year ago, allowing users to make money from producing their own content (i.e photos, videos and articles), whose hosting link is under the Tsu.co website and from there on share it on various social platforms.

Tsu users receive an incentive which is based on how much advertising they sell alongside their posts. The company claims that 90% of the total revenue goes to the owner and the rest to Tsu itself.

Moving to the other side of the fence, Facebook holds a substantially different opinion regarding Tsu’s functionality. The giant suggests that Tsu pays users to share the service’s links on other websites. The particular action indeed conflicts with Facebook’s Terms of Use, which prohibits paid-content sharing as it “encourages spammy sharing”. 

We should add that the company is currently serving 1.5 billion users worldwide, hence it is one of its core responsibilities to protect them from an onset of rubbish content.

Tsu.co CEO, Sebastian Sobczak, denies Facebook’s charges and supports that his social network works exactly the way described previously. Sobczak’s comment about the incident reads as following:

“It feels like we are being singled out and they are trying to stop a competitor with a more efficient business model. What are they afraid of?”

The controversial social network has accumulated 4 million subscribers since its establishment and has raised US$11 in venture capital. Tsu came under Facebook’s scope when rap artist 50 Cent shared a link to a video hosted on Tsu through his page, which is being followed by 38 million FB users.

If you were to share a Tsu.co hosted link -or Tsu.co standalone- a window will show up on your screen indicating that the content you are about to share is unsafe and, therefore, urges you to remove it, if you wish to publish the respective post on Facebook.com.

Furthermore, Facebook Inc. has earned $2.1 billion on revenue of $12 billion in total during the course of the first nine months of 2015. Its market value is evaluated at a whopping US$300 billion.

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