Explore the new WOW ‘The Burning Crusade’

TBC stands for ‘The Burning Crusade,’ and it is the upgraded gaming version of the Burning Crusade, popularly known as World of Warcraft. The fascinating video game was released in January 2007 in major continents such as Europe, Australia, North America, and China, and quickly garnered widespread appeal. What awaits you if you are a gaming PRO? Your WoW TBC classic gold platform is now available for you to take advantage of the best gold bargains.

Explore the new WOW ‘The Burning Crusade

Why is the craze increasing for Burning Crusade than any video game?

The level cap has been raised to 70, the ‘blood elves and ‘Draenei’ have been added as playable races, and the world of Outland has been added, along with several new zones, items, dungeons, quests, and monsters.

The expansion was incorporated into the primary World of Warcraft package on June 29, 2011, giving all subscribers free access to all of the expansion’s content and features. There were two versions of this expansion: Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition.

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What components add richness and depth to this very prominent video game?

The missions in The Burning Crusade are primarily situated in the same period as the original World of Warcraft lore quests, implying that the expansion is a continuing story to the original World of Warcraft. Some Outland missions, particularly those involving Illidan, indicate a five-year gap in the tale, implying a one-year gap here between the Burning Crusade and the original gameplay. This is unconfirmed, as there was never any official announcement that the actions of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne occur one year after the events of Reign of Chaos. Regardless, there was a four-year gap between the release of Warcraft III and the launch of World of Warcraft.

Outland, the old world of Draenor, is introduced in the expansion, along with several quests that allow players to experience the world on their own. The major plot revolves around Illidan, the Betrayer, and what transpired throughout the previous four years. Quests can also be completed that involve either assisting Illidan or preparing for his demise.


Furthermore, many connections exist between the former world of Draenor and the current Outland, such as Medivh’s opening of the Dark Portal, which is relived in the Caverns of Time, and various quest chains that provide information about the history of the old Orcish shamans and their relationship with the Burning Legion long before the First War.

The Burning Crusade also focuses on the game’s 2 additional playable races and their connections to the plot. Quests that connect the blood elves with Horde and the Draenei with Alliance cover several plot holes. To properly comprehend the narrative of Outland, players must still accomplish quests in the old realm of Azeroth.

Let us talk about the new launches in the game – educating the GAMERS for new introduces and challenges


The new zones comprise two key areas: New Continent and New Starting Areas.

New Starting Areas

The blood elves have 2 new starting areas situated in the Eastern Kingdoms:

Eversong Woods offers — Levels 1-10

Ghostlands offers — Levels 10-20

Similarly, ‘the Draenei have 2 starting zones off the western coast of Kalimdor:

Azuremyst Isle comprise — Levels 1-10

Bloodmyst Isle comprise — Levels 10-20

These starting locations are part of Azeroth and shown on the world map, but they are deployed in one or more independent instances. As a result, you must pass via an instance portal to enter Eastern Plaguelands when traveling or walking from other old world zones. Furthermore, though with the Flight Master’s License, players are unable to fly in certain zones.

New Continent

Outland, a whole new continent/world, will be accessible via the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands and gates in other major cities as part of the expansion. There are interactive maps and various comprehensive maps to choose from.

Outland allows you to play the following zones:

Hellfire Peninsula gives — Levels 58-63, Zangarmarsh stage gives — Levels 60-64, Terokkar Forest is playable of — Levels 62-65, Nagrand offers — Levels 64-67, and lots. Gamers can enjoy levels till 70 with cool new features and items to buy.


The Burning Crusade initiated two new playable races:

In the expansion, the Blood elf is a group of former Alliance members who have joined the Horde. Lord Lor’themar Theron, the Regent, is in charge of them. Silvermoon City is the blood elf capital. The hawk strider is their race mount, and Thalassian is their language.

The Draenei are an uncorrupted eredar faction that has joined the Alliance. Velen, their prophet, leads them. The Exodar is the Draenei’s capital city. The elephant-like elekk is their racial mount, and Draenei is their language.

With the addition of blood elf paladins for Horde & Draenei shaman for the Alliance, previously faction-exclusive classes can now be played on the opposing faction.


Each new race holds a unique mount:

A hawk strider is a blood elf (originally called a cockatrice). These mounts may be found at the Silvermoon City entrance. Blood elf paladin mounts are similar to Alliance mounts, although they are rather red in place of blue.

Draenei is a member of the elekk race. Outside of The Exodar, these mounts can be found. New uncommon mounts can also be obtained as a drop from high-end instances like Karazhan. 


New Talents and Spells:

In the update, Blizzard included five to six additional spells to each class in the 60-70 level range to properly round out the classes. The talent trees have also been extensively altered and expanded. Additional talents are available to all classes, leading up to a 41 talent point ability. Rather than every two levels, players acquire new spells every 60-70 levels.


Moreover, the game has introduced new Creatures, such as giants, humanoids, elemental, dragonkin, undead, beasts, mechanical, demons, and the whole set of amazing challenges, apart from gold. So stop your search and get the most genuine deals from here!

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