Some Exciting Facts of the New Year Eve

We know that you are busy in planning your year-end party and booking the passes to witness the wild parties around the cities, countries, and abroad. But there are some crazy and unknown facts about the occasion for which you are planning right now. Yes, the New Year Celebration day. Let’s have a glance on these interesting facts…

Exciting Facts of the New Year Eve

Facts of the New Year Eve

  • As per the Georgian Calendar, Roman Catholic Church adopted 1 January as the first day of the New Year.
  • In ancient times, gifting ideas for New Year included eggs as a gift that symbolizes productivity by Persian.
  • Crazy but true, Ethiopia celebrates its new year on 11th of September, having 13 months in its calendar, and most shocking fact is—it still has its current year as 2006.
  • Many people in New York wear adult diapers while enjoying New Year celebration at Time Square due to the shortage of toilets.
  • As an attempt to reduce drink and drive activities, American Automobile Association (AAA) tows your cars and also gives you a free ride at your house on every New Year eve.
  • “Icestock” is the music festival that is organized every year in Antarctic.
  • The New Year is celebrated two times in Russia first on 1 January and again on 14 January.
  • In many Asian countries and specifically in Korea, when a baby is born it’s age is assumed as 1 year and everyone’s age rises by 1 year ON the New Year. The best part is if by coincidence you born on 29 December, you will be 2 years old in just 3 days.

Amazed by this crazy stuff… New Year status isn’t about just having party, there are lots of ongoing humorous things around the world. We’ll be bringing these things to you… So tuned with us…

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