‘Doctor Strange’ Invaded Marvel Mobile, PC Games

Before the Marvel movie ‘Doctor Strange’ could hit the big screen, most of its characters including Doctor Strange started ruling the world of games. More than 6 games were occupied by the characters and are still intact in their places.

During the period of pre-movie release, the characters of this film appeared in 6 titles of games. They were—“Marvel Future Fight,” “Marvel Contest of Champions,” “Marvel Tsum Tsum,” “Marvel Heroes 2016,” “Marvel Puzzle Quest,” and “Marvel Avengers Academy.”

The only motive of Marvel behind all these efforts was to overcome its only rival in the world of animated games—Disney. Marvel has been experimenting on various things to achieve this. The last time Marvel did an experiment was—integrated the content of “Captain America: Civil War” with that of “Marvel Avenger Academy”. This resulted in the 2.9 Millions of user attraction—highest of all making the history.

Marvel has spent a year in bringing “Doctor Strange” into these six titles. So it will be a total waste of their money and time if we do not give any response to their efforts. Isn’t it? Hence, if you want “Doctor Marvel” or if you are a true Marvel fan and want to have a great experience, then play Marvel online slots for real money and for fun.

So even if you play any of these six titles, you will be able to experience the mystic magic of our “Doctor Strange” in all of the above.

Invaded Marvel Mobile, PC Games

Speaking about the story, for those who are not familiar with the character Doctor Strange, the film is about a doctor named Dr. Strange. He is a renowned doctor and is very much confident on his skills. But unfortunately, he messes up in an accident and ends up in a situation where he no longer can perform his skills of being a doctor. This makes him helpless and thus began the search of cure. He ends up meeting a magician who changes his thoughts completely about the laws of physics by teaching him magic.

The games are very much similar to the description given. The animation and graphics work is top notch. Below are Marvel games and events having the “Strange” effect in them:

Marvel Avengers Academy: The event went live on November 04, 2016 with new Doctor Strange along with Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Nico Minoru, Wong, Kaecilius, and Wiccan.

Marvel Contest of Champions: The event went live on November 03, 2016 featuring Doctor Strange, Doctor Vodoo, Mordo, and Guillotine.

Marvel Future Fight: Introduced on October 26, 2016, eight new characters were launched in the game along with five in film characters: Doctor Strange, Wong, Baron Mordo, Ancient One, and Kaecilius.

Marvel Heroes 2016: Launched with “Marvel Contest of Champions”, the game has all new characters from ‘Doctor Strange.’

Marvel Puzzle Quest: With the same launch date as above, this game includes Doctor Strange and Kaecilius. Both characters are involved in a new event, “Strange Sight,” that challenges players to teleport to three new locations and battle various enemies.

Marvel Tsum Tsum: Released on October 26, 2016, the game features Marvel’s supervillains and superheroes tsum tsum plushies’ style.

In a nutshell, on one side there are these games filled with adventures and on the other hand are you. So don’t waste time because it is already late. Your natural tendency for playing games should drag you to play Marvel online slots for real money and for fun. So hurry up!!!

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