Discount on LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone: Which Black Friday 2015 deal is the best?

It’s that time of the year again. We’re getting closer and closer to Black Friday, also known as “The Day After Thanksgiving”, a day that the news media have long described as the busiest shopping day of the year.

The popularity of this shopping celebration-day comes from a combination of reasons. “As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season. Additionally, many employers give their employees the day off as part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In order to take advantage of this, virtually all retailers in the country, big and small, offer various sales including limited amounts of doorbuster / doorcrasher items to entice traffic.”

So that takes us to today. Countless of deals are already making an appearance on local shop cases an online stores and with new deal, the majority of buyers is grappling with the chaos of offers and the limitless possibilities. Sure, all deals are better than no deal at all, but which one of them is the best?

This is the third article in a new series of Black Friday deals comparison, during which we will try to put under the scope as many deals as possible in order to give you a clear perspective of the best Black Friday catches you can get.

For this one let’s put side by side the LG G4 with Samsung’s Galaxy S6.


The G series was undoubtedly the salvation of LG as it gave the company the push it craved for in order to get back to the top. And one flagship from the G series after the other, they all have managed to do more than that.

Now, the G4, the latest flagship of the company is an overall powerful phone; many are those who would even dare to call it an asset, and a collectible one in fact.

So getting yourself a G4 with a Black Friday deal could be the best thing you can get out of this day, depending on the deal of course. For the States, the Big 4 – the four carriers – are giving away some good deals for this cell phone.

Verizon gives its customers a $200 VISA® PREPAID CARD with the purchase of an LG G4.

T-Mobile shares its new moto, “ZERO DOWN ON THE LG G4”, and makes a so called $100 Rebate Offer according to which you can purchase an LG G4 and receive a $100 LG Rebate check by mail. Be careful though! The certain offer is valid from: October 23, 2015 – November 6, 2015 while you can redeem by December 6, 2015.

Sprint, let’s you save up to $200 when you buy an LG G4 and trade in a working smartphone. However the company allows a $200 minimum buyback guarantee on a working smartphone in good condition when activating a new line or upgrading to an LG G4 via lease or Easy Pay. Also keep in mind that the said offer is effective until the 25th of November.

Last but not least, AT&T makes a rather peculiar offer that many know as on cent deal. More specifically, with each purchase of the LG G4, AT&T gives the buyer a G PAD F™ 8.0 on a 2 year agreement for 99¢.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is comes in its unlocked edition with model number G920F in Black Sapphire colour available for $469.99 on Expansys. Note that the full retail price of the Galaxy S6 ranges from $549 to $585 across different carriers of the U.S.


Other than that, Best Buy has released a $1 deal for the device with a 2 year contract.

Costco on the other hand qualifies its handset for a $250 Costco Cash Card on monthly device payment but that deal is available only in warehouse. Alternatively, you can get a $100 Costco Cash Card – Valid on 2-Year contracts only.

Verizon, possessed by the spirit of the holidays as it seems, decided not to reduce the price but to change their payment plans for qualified customers. So as a result Verizon made a Verizon Monthly program thanks to which a customer can get the Galaxy S6 with a 2 year contract and pay $24 each month instead of giving all the money upfront.

Best Deal?

Unless you’re a fan of one of the above branch – in which case you’ve already made up your mind – then you may have a hard time deciding.

However it is clear that between the two products, the best deal can be found on Verizon which is the only carrier to give away the LG G4 with a $200 prepaid card and not so much bounding terms.

Do the maths and you’ll find out that that’s the most you can save and get a G PAD F™ 8.0worth product for less than $200 which means you’ll practically get it for free and still have some money left aside.

Sure, Best Buy’s deal on the Galaxy S6 seems too appealing but there are many catches so be careful before you end up with extra fees that you have no idea where they’re coming from!

Deals are changing day by day and new ones are constantly made. If you spot any new deal on the two smartphones let the world know with a comment below.

Senior reviews editor at Technology News Extra.

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