Develop and publish Xbox games as Microsoft now allows it

The limitation of creating and publishing a game through a specific channel has to be erased now, as Microsoft has just announced its new plan to let any game developers develop and sell games through its Xbox platform without going through companies existing controls.

The program is called as Xbox Live Creator program enables the developer to take on the retail Xbox by self-creating and publishing accessibility.

Previously, developers had to mandatorily apply through Microsoft’s ID@Xbox indie game program or through an established game development company or media firm. Due to this decision by Microsoft, the barrier between the developers and gaming companies will be reduced, which will motivate the developers to create more games.

The new announcement of the program comes with some terms and conditions too; the first clause is that every game developed under this program should be compatible with Universal Windows App so that it can be smoothly interpreted with Windows 10 and doesn’t limit its application only for Xbox. Microsoft will be having full rights to remove the game if it comprises any “inappropriate or harmful content” that can impact the reputation of the company.

Though the developers are allowed to publish their games without any channel, but the program comes with a one-time fee that ranges $20 to $100. However, the charging plans are yet to be confirmed, on what standards the specific developer will be charged. The joining of ID@Xbox program is mandatory, as if failed to do so, the online multiplayer feature won’t be enabled over Xbox.

One of the downsides of the program is the game which will be developed and listed through Xbox Live Creator program will be published in separate part of the Xbox Store, which would reduce the chances to reach the public exposure.

The developers without a firm name behind them can now play independently through their creativity.

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