Destiny The King’s Fall for Xbox One, PS4, and PC release date announced on Twitter

Developer Bungie announced yesterday that Destiny: The Taken King’s new raid, The King’s Fall will go live three days after expansion launches, on September 18.

The date is much sooner than many fans and gamers expected, but after all, that is a good turnaround. The release date was revealed to the public through a new trailer that was unveiled by Creative Director Luke Smith, who also took the time to thank players for participating in the first year of Destiny.

Furthermore, the release date was also announced by Smith on Twitter:

“ ‘The King’s Fall’ ” Raid will go live 9/18/15 at 10 a.m., PST #longlivetheking ”.

Smith seemed to have some fun about the date, mentioning on IGN that people who were expecting the third rade would “know when it’s time to take time off work.” Luckily enough for those people, the 18th of September is a Friday so the productivity levels will not reach to the floor.

King’s Fall, is the third raid of Destiny. In this one the Guardians will have to team up to take down the god Oryx once and for all. The story takes place at Dreadnaught, Oryx’s immense ship, which is situated among the rings of Saturn.

Moreover, for those who want to learn in depth everything about the third raid here is a good tip: You may want to make your Guardian as strong as it gets before you decide to tackle King’s Fall. The Taken King raises the game’s level cap from 34 to 40, which essentially gives the player more space and time to become better and stronger.

Though Bungie is divorcing your level from your Light in the expansion; your Light value will be a simple average of all of your weapons, armor and gear- so you’ll need strong weapons and armor to kill Oryx.

Sources: Forbes, IGN

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