Cyber Monday Deals on Fitness Bands: Fitbit, Microsoft Band, Jawbone, Misfit, and Garmin trackers on Sale

Are you font of fitness and athletic activities? If so, then you must be after a loyal and helpful fitness band to help you get through your workout and improve your performance by monitoring several variables and keeping track of your scores among other features.

So today, on Cyber Monday, it’s your chance to get some of the best fitness bands out there at the lowest prices and the most beneficial deals.

Jawbone UP3

The UP3 is new fitness band designed by Jawbone. It embodies a few upgrades than the previous UP2, such as improved heartbeat sensors. You can find the Jawbone UP3 either at Jawbone’s store or on Amazon, for $100 while the UP2 is available for $70 as long as Cyber Monday lasts.


Misfit Shine

Even though it’s not the latest model – it has a successor called Misfit Shine 2 – the initial model is preferred than the second generation fitness band thanks to its accuracy and features like sleep stats. Of course, there are still some issues that need to be solved in order for the device to surpass all major drawbacks but it’s obviously nothing of vital importance to drop sales lower than the Shine 2. You can find Misfit Shine on Amazon for $49, saving $20.

Withings Activité Pop

The best thing you’ll notice about the Withings Activité Pop next to great battery life, water resistance, is its analog looks and Bluetooth syncing functions which all result to a clever, stylish blend of everyday watch and connected fitness band that can get you through a month of regular and intense use on a single charge. This one comes as part of 4 exclusive Black Friday – Cyber Monday deal package and can be purchased at 25% off the original price plus free shipping. If you want to get the full metal body successor you’ll have to wait some time and you’ll definitely not get a deal so you better think again.

Garmin Vivofit 2

The Vivofit 2 is tailored for those who are going after the whole package. It has an always-on display, one year of battery life, and is water resistance, meaning that you won’t have to take it off neither on the shower nor in the pool or the sea. Also, the tracker is very capable of handling all the things that you desire out of a fitness tracker and many are those who blame the Vivofit 2 for the dropped sales of the Jawbone UP2.

You can get the Vivofit two at several different edition at several different retailers accordingly such as Amazon and Ebay. Deals vary according to each edition.


Microsoft Band 2 (small, medium, large)

Redmond’s latest generation fitness band (small edition) is available on Amazon for $249.99 with free shipping. The medium variant will set you back $247.97, saving you $2.02 at checkout, accompanied by free shipping as well.

The large installment costs $249.99, with free shipping.

At the time of writing, plenty of units are in stock.

Microsoft Band (small, medium, large)

When it comes to the original device of the series, Amazon has managed to pull some great deals, as the small variant will cost you $106.99, saving you $93 at checkout, the medium version $106 saving you $94.99 and the large one is available for $139, saving you $60.99 at checkout.

All of the above three come with free shipping too. It is also worth noting that the most popular medium version of the Microsoft Band has one unit left in stock at the time of writing, so better hurry up if you were looking forward purchasing one.

Fitbit Charge

The top selling fitness band in Amazon can be purchased for $89.89 with free shipping, saving you $40.06 at checkout.

At the time of writing, plenty of units are available in stock.

Fitbit Charge HR

Another best seller in the Seattle-based online retailing giant, which is also part of the FitBit family, can be obtained for $119.89, saving yo $30.06 at checkout. Free shipping is included as well.

At the time of writing, plenty of units are in stock.


Fitbit Flex

The cheapest sibling of the FitBit fitness trackers series will set you back $79.95, saving you $20 at checkout, accompanied by free shipping too.

In stock at the time of writing.

Fitbit Surge

The most expensive of the Fitbit line-up, the superwatch as the company calls it, can be acquired for $199.89 with free shipping, saving you $50.06 at checkout.

In stock ath the time of writing.

Which fitness tracker of the above did you pick? Let us know in the comments below. If you’ve also found a deal worth checking out do not hesitate to share it as well.

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