Microsoft Corporation launches Cortana app for iOS and Android

Microsoft Corporation has just released its digital voice assistant application for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. The application is available on both iOS App Store and Android Play Store for download, out of charge.

Cortana has been in beta for iOS and Android for months now, while it made its debut with Windows Phone 8.1 last year and entered the PC world with the launch of Windows 10 desktop operating system during summer.

If you belong to Apple’s or Google’s ecosystem and you find voice assistants useful, then you have probably already been adjusted to the likes of Siri and Google Now respectively, though Redmond’s counterpart is worth trying it out – it is free so there is nothing to lose whatsoever.

Microsoft has made it clear right from the beginning that the Android and iOS variant of Cortana will have limited features compared to the Windows Mobile and Cyanogen ones.

When it comes to the latter, the Redmond giant has been closely working with the open source mobile OS, bringing its voice assistant to the OnePlus One smartphone, via an OTA (over-the-air) update later this month, with more Cyanogen OS-powered devices to follow.

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The complete version of Cortana allows users to undertake a selection of tasks, while the iOS and Android ones won’t let users to making use of the “Hey Cortana” voice activation, toggling settings, or opening up applications, which are the core feature when it comes to the convenience that a digital assistant offers.

What the user can do from his iPhone or Android smartphone whilst operating Cortana, is set location-based reminders, respond to missed calls, track flights and packages, and a few more.

Marcus Ash, Cortana group program manager, mentioned in a relating blog post:

“The custom integration includes the ability to ask Cortana to toggle network modes, power down your phone, and turn on Quiet Mode amongst other features. With Quiet Mode enabled, all notifications, calls and alarms will be silenced.”

Are you planning on downloading Cortana for iOS and Android? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Windows Experience blog

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