Burberry gets a channel on Apple Music

CUPERTINO, CA- Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) The fashion giant Burberry will be hosting its own channel on Apple Music service.

Apple is known to always keep a door open for profitable collaborations. In fact, the company had recently announced a new agreement with Hermes in order to make a new luxury brand for its Apple Watch.

Now, the more recent news suggests that Burberry will be receiving a channel on Apple’s latest service, the Apple Music, where news events on the world of fashion will be revealed.

More specifically, if you are a subscriber of the Apple Music service, you can expect to see songs and short clips of how musicians and other artists altogether contribute to the brand’s development and promotion.

In case you didn’t know, Burberry already has a channel operated by its own team. Thanks to this alliance, for instance, Apple Music will showcase the next Womenswear collection, which will take place on September 21, in London.

For the record, the Apple Music service was launched this June and offered users a three-month free trial which obviously ends in September.

After that, the monthly fee is $10 for independent users and $14.99 for a family with six members. This particular service is expected to go well, mainly due to the fact that it was a late entrance in the industry, that way giving extra time to the company to plan things more concisely.

Another reason is because, unlike other similar services, Apple has a whole ecosystem to boost all of its products and services, and the Apple Music service is no exception.

Apple’s move to join forces with Burberry is a smart one and to be honest, the American colossus gives us the impression that it is trying to generally enter the fashion industry one way or the other.

Burberry will probably get a channel on the Apple TV service as well, providing both companies with a larger target group of consumers.

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