Best Black Friday Deals on Gaming Consoles, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4

Gaming consoles are a major income for companies involved in the specific industry so inevitably, Black Friday has come with some offers on those products which you can’t refuse. Check out the best deals and if haven’t already, choose the best one for you:

Amazon offers the most deals, which come to think about it makes sense, given that the company has the biggest range of products around the Globe.

Starting with the 500GB Xbox One, you can pay 17% less off the original price, which means you’ll spend $331 instead of the standard $399.


As for the 1TB Xbox One, you can find that too, along with 3 games, all for $349, saving you $50.

And if you’re more an Xbox guy, but you like to feel the nostalgia gaming mode instead, then you can get the My Arcade Retro Machine Gaming System, which comes with 200 Built-in video games for $25, saving $15 from the original $30.

That’s not all though, obviously. No gaming console set of deals could be complete without a PlayStation deal, could it? That is why Amazon offers you the PlayStation 4 in various different bundles. You can also get it on its own for $389.95 and save $10.04 on the regular price of $399.99. To be honest, it may not be the best idea you had, since you can get it with a bunch of games (which you will buy anyhow at some point) and save up to approximately $200.

Walmart, the house of offers and special deals, has rolled out some pretty interesting deals that will definitely catch your attention.

Starting with a refurbished Xbox 360 with 250GB storage, you can get it for $159.99, which saves you $90 from the original $249.99 at which you’ll find it as of tomorrow.

Then, there is the Xbox One 1TB, available with a $50 discount, leading to a final price of $449 instead of $499.

And if you’re a Nintendo guy, then don’t miss out the handheld (Black) New Nintendo 3DS XL gaming console at only $179. The console usually cost $199.99, which means that you save $20.

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