Best Black Friday 2015 Deals on Curved LED TVs on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy

Owning a normal TV is alright but if you want to follow the latest trends and achievements of technology and the home entertainment industry, then you ought to get your hands on a Curved LED TV. And most of you would argue that while a Curved LED TV – or any Curved TV for that matter – is a great acquisition for any home, the price that it comes with is something that the majority of consumers cannot afford.

And that is the case indeed, any other day of the year, except today. That is, because today it’s Black Friday, the biggest shopping sales day of the year for the American markets. So pay close attention to the deals on Curved LED TVs below and go buy a set that fits your likes while there’s still time.


Amazon offers some great deals that are hard to resist. Starting with the 65-inch Samsung Curved 4K Smart LED TV, that normally costs $2,699.99, you can get for $1,497.99 which lets you save a whopping $1,202 (45%) on the purchase of the set.

Then, there’s the 55-inch Samsung Curved display 4K Smart LED TV for just $997.99, $502 less than the original price ($1,499.99), which means you’ll be saving around 33%.

And going to the more affordable option, you can make the Samsung Curved 40-inch 4K Smart LED TV yours for $647.99. The original price is $949.99, so you end up saving $302 in the process.

Not sold yet?

Best Buy wows us with a bunch of some worth noticing deals as well, such as a (black) 65-inch Samsung Curved LED Smart 4K TV that usually costs $2,299.99. However on Black Friday you can get it for $1,499.99, saving an incredible $800 – which to be honest we doubt that it will actually remain in your pocket on the grounds that with so many irresistible deals from Best Buy you better put the remaining $800 to a real waste and get a bunch of other deals, such as gaming consoles or regular LED TVS.

You can also save $700 by purchasing the smaller 48-inch (Black) Samsung Curved LED Smart 3D 4K TV set. For today, the price is $1,599.99 whereas any other day of the year you’d have to pay $2,299.99. And of course, the same thing goes for the $700 that you’ll be left with, just like the $800 mentioned above.


Walmart offers a few breathtaking deals, with the best of them being available for the purchase of the 55-inch Samsung Class 7 Series Curved 3D LED TV, available for $1,297.99.

The original price is $2,499.99 which means you’ll be saving nearly 50% of the price ($1,202)! Even if your budget was below $1000, that is an offer that you need to think about.

But that’s not all by Walmart. The world known the retailer is selling a 40-inch Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD LED Smart HDTV for $551.01 less than the regular price, meaning that you’ll pay $647.99 for the set instead of the usual $1,199.

So what are you still waiting for? Run to the closest local Best Buy or Walmart store or get online on Amazon to get one of the best deals of Black Friday!

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