Beware: Robbers are using Pokémon Go to lure victims

Pokémon Go the famous location-based reality games which were developed by Niantic for both iOS and Android platforms was released in July 2016 in select countries and has climbed high on the popularity charts. The game has made its way into the Google Play Store and Apple App Store after an exhaustive process of testing.

Pokémon Go has already reached the top of charts of both the iOS and Android platforms, and it has been around for just about a month. The game has endeared itself to the grownups and kids. It has seen people and children walk around parks, malls and other locations searching for Pokémon to capture them. This lacuna is being exploited by robbers to lure people to isolated spots and then rob them.

The game entails players to search for Pokémon and Poke Stops to pick up things. The game involves actual movement of players, and experts have warned about its pitfalls. Experts felt that it could lead to traffic accidents when players blindly search for Poke Stops. However, in Missouri, a frightening aspect has been laid bare. Robbers used the game to lure victims to Poke stops in remote and isolated locations to rob them quickly.

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Poke Stops are spots where gamers are supposed to collect some items. The game also comes with a Lure Module which allows players to place beacons at the Poke Stops so that more gamers are attracted towards the location. This process is utilized by robbers to lure the victims to a particular spot and then rob them quickly. Thankfully the thieves were apprehended by the Police. The incident has once again exposed the dark side of the games. Police are insisting the gamers not to give away the clues about their locations quickly unless they are sure about their safety.

It is just one of the many incidents associated with the game which has been breaking all the popularity charts. In another bizarre case, a woman who was deeply entrenched in the Pokémon search process came across a dead body across a river bed. It is another risk where an unwilling victim is lured to a crime scene and is left to answer awkward questions from the law enforcers.

On a lighter note the fact that Pokémon can be located anywhere, Police in the US has warned players not to enter police stations in search of Pokémon and Poke Stops.

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