BestBuy drops price of Apple Watch to $249 ahead of Christmas shopping season

The US-based retailer announced on Wednesday that it is dropping the price of Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch, to $249.

The given discount regards the Apple Watch Sport, featuring silver aluminium case, whose original price was $470. Hence, the price cut will ultimately save customers $100 at checkout, while free shipping all across the United States is included as well.

BestBuy mentioned in a press release, concerning Black Friday sales performance, that consumers purchased double the wearables compared to the same period of 2014. Smartwatches and fitness trackers fall under the specific category.

There were not any specific remarks that included Apple’s smartwatch amongst the best selling wearables of BestBuy during Black Friday, though it would be quite safe to assume so, as the retailer intensively promoted its $100 price cuts on the much-touted toy.

In addition to Apple Watch’s sales figures during Black Friday, another prominent US retailer, Target, listed the gadget among the most popular products during the aforementioned shopping period.

Researching firm, IDC, in its annual consumer electronics sales report stated:

“End-user attention has been going toward its entry-level and least expensive Sport line, to which Apple responded by introducing gold and rose gold models,”

Moreover, the study claims that the Apple Watch managed to attain the second place in global wearable sales this year, just a spot behind the number one FitBit.

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Apple is widely known for its unusual pricing policies, which, albeit being irrational to a certain degree in a number of occasions, turn out to be substantially lucrative.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, though, due to being priced a bit lower than the current iPhones, or more expensive than former generations of the smartphone line-up, consumers cannot entertain the notion of investing such an amount on a smartwatch and they rather opt for the iPhone, which comes with a selection of features that the Apple Wach lacks.

Furthermore, the second generation Apple Watch is purportedly on the way, so Cupertino needs to get the existing generation out of stock in the next three months.

Source: BestBuy

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