Best Monitoring Software To Improve Your Digital Parenting

Best Monitoring Software To Improve Your Digital Parenting

Digital parenting is one of the most important factors for better upbringing of the children. The virtual world has penetrated into our lifestyle worldwide. Every child has owned a cell phone gadget connected to the internet. The rise in the rise of a digital world and its access to contemporary smartphone gadgets has given parents a clear message to do digital parenting in order to provide kids a better online environment.

Why is Digital parenting necessary?

The young kids and teens who own cell phones and cyberspace access do plenty of things all day long on their devices. They send and receive text messages, make long calls, audio and video calls on instant messengers and shared media as photos and videos. The minors and teens usually use social messaging apps in order to do all above mentioned entertaining things on such as Facebook, Yahoo, line, vine, Zalo, Tinder and many others. However, seemingly normal activities have a dark side that makes parents perform digital parenting to the fullest. The presence of cyber bullies, stalkers, child abusers and many other online predators are vulnerable for teens and minors. Let’s discuss how parents can prevent all cyber dangers from teens and minor’s online life in order to improve the phenomenon of digital parenting.

How to improve digital parenting?

Best Monitoring Software To Improve Your Digital Parenting

Use cell phone monitoring app for digital parenting

Parents just need to use the best cell phone spy software on their kids and teens phone. They just need to subscribe to the mobile phone tracking app for androids, IOS, and blackberries. They will get the credentials through an email and then they can install the cell phone monitoring spyware on kids and teens phone. Once they have completed the installation procedure, activate the spy app for the cell phone on the target cell phone and after that get access into the online control panel and use the spying tools for digital parenting.

Use TOS spy 360

When you have the complete access into the online control panel of the spyware for cell phones, and then visit spy 360 live screen sharing. You will be able to share live screen of your target cell phone into the dashboard of the spy mobile phone app. It means parents can view live activities happen on teens cell phone screen.

View social media activities of teens

A user can view the social media apps activities of the children and teens by using the IM’s social media of the mobile phone monitoring software. It empowers users to view IM’s logs, chat messages; share files of photos and videos and sent or received Voice messages.

Call recording

A user can record and listen to the live calls incoming and outgoing on your target phone with the help of hidden call recorder app. You can further save these files on the dashboard.

Spy on messages

Parents can view text messages target has sent or received on the target cell phone device. You can view imessages, SMS, MMS, BMM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

View browsing history

You can get to know the detail information about the visited websites and as well as bookmarked websites. You just need to tap on the browsing history into the control panel of the cell phone surveillance software.

Live screen recording

A user can make back to back short videos of the screen remotely and then send it to the control panel of the mobile phone tracking app. You can perform live screen recording of all the things happens on the smartphone screen. A user can do live Facebook screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording, Tinder live screen recording and others. Furthermore, you can use password chaser, chrome screen recording, and email screen recording.

Remotely phone controller

The best tool for parents to improve their digital parenting is to use the remotely phone controller. It enables parents to restrict the online activities of kids and teens remotely such as block text messages, block incoming calls from strangers and block the internet on the target smartphones when needed.


No matter what sort of activities has happened on your kids and teens cell phone screen, a user can remotely capture the screenshot of the activity and can view with the help of online dashboard.


Use cell phone spy app on your teen’s cell phone, it’s guaranteed you will experience a clear improvement in digital parenting.

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