Phree Smart Pen Making a Big Impression

Although the concept is not new, there is a new player in the arena of digital pens known as Phree. With this pen, an individual can document and share a digital copy of a note, scribble, or drawing regardless of surface. Developed in Israel, when Phree is paired with a smartphone, the need for a … Read more

WiFi Signal Powers Surveillance Cam

Recently, Google unveiled Brillo, a platform for the Internet of Things. Designed to compete with the ARTIK developed by Samsun and HomeKit by Apple, Brillo works by making it possible for all system devices to talk to the internet, as well as each other. Although Google shared that it has plans for a number of … Read more

Brain Covered by Injectable Neuro-Mesh to Control Neurons

In a new study, researchers developed a thin mesh made of polymer that can be embedded along with dozens and even hundreds of nano-scale electronic devices into the brain. Together, they are injected safely into the brain’s mammalian surface. The study was performed on laboratory mice and shown to be readily accepted by neural tissue. … Read more

Freightliner Unveils Self Driving Semi-Truck

Freightliner has unveiled a new autonomous semi-truck that it says will be the future of truck driving. The self-driving semi, named the Freightliner Inspiration, was displayed for the first time in Las Vegas on a closed driving course. The company’s goal in developing the Inspiration was to create a future vehicle that made trucking easier … Read more

SunOpta Technology Approved For GMO Detection

The United States Department of Agriculture is certifying that technology created by SunOpta is effective for detecting genetically modified crops. Due to their use of the technology, the U.S.D.A. has given SunOpta permission to use a new navy-and-green label that reads “Non-G.M.O./G.E. process verified.” The company will now be permitted to label products from one … Read more

United Airlines Offers Flight Rewards To Security Researchers

United Airlines has announced that it has begun a rewards program for security researchers willing to search for security vulnerabilities affecting its websites, apps, and online portals. Those who find and disclose the security issues to the company will be rewarded with miles that can be used for the company’s Mileage Plus loyalty program for … Read more

Investors Now Using Twitter To Choose Stocks

A new index fund has been launched that tracks the stocks most heavily tweeted about on Twitter. Financial data analytics company Market Prophit launched the index, which is based on the concept that chatter on social media can be used as an indication of a stock’s positive or negative market sentiment. Mining this type of … Read more

Smartphones Turn Into Microscopes With $5 Dotlens

A powerful microscope can cost you thousands of dollars, but researchers at the University of Houston have designed an amazing lens that converts the camera on your smartphone into a microscope that costs just $5. It’s called the Dotlens, and it has a campaign on Kickstarter right now. The Dotlens was created by Wei-Chuan Shih, … Read more