AT&T shifts its unlimited data plan speed reduction limit to 22GB

DALLAS, TX- AT&T Inc. (NASDAQ: T) Following a US$100 million fine from FCC, the US carrier announced that it has changed its unlimited data plan automatic speed throttle.

There has been a lot of fuss over the last few weeks regarding AT&T’s fraud with its unlimited data plans.

More specifically, unlimited data customers would automatically receive 90 percent -or more- slower speeds after they hit 5 gigs of usage.

The particular practice got FCC really angry during the summer, which threatened the Dallas-based carrier with a US$100 million fine for the aforementioned matter and for not informing its customers adequately.

AT&T decided to not come against the Federal Communications Commission by taking it to the court, instead it addressed the matter peacefully by pleasing FCC’s desire.

Hence, from now on, unlimited data customers will get throttled down after they hit 22 gigs of usage in bandwidth in “congested areas,” such as metropolitan cities like New York, where a massive volume of traffic might take place.

Moreover, 22 gigabytes is a sufficient amount of monthly data, since it is impossible to be reached within one month, unless you don’t have home-WiFi. In addition to the expanded usage limit, the service will update customers when they hit 16.5 gigs (75% of 22GB), thus giving a heads up.

That is definitely a move that will appease the FCC for a while.

AT&T issued a respective press release stating:

“Speed reductions will occur only when the customer is using his or her device at times and in areas where there is network congestion and only for the remainder of the current billing cycle after the customer has exceeded the 22GB data usage threshold.”

The particular event was actually an ambitious sign that public services, such as FCC, work efficiently and they are capable of detecting and resolving issues like that, which primarily has been ripping off people’s wallets for who knows how long.

Source: AT&T Support

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