Astronomers Take the Credit of Creating First Large-Scale Map of Universe

Astronomers have taken the credit of developing the first map of the huge universe structure, which is entirely based on the quasars position.

Quasars are extremely bright and points of light that are distant, which are powered by the enormous black holes.

As commented by Ashley Ross—Ohio State University in the United States—owing to the brightness of the quasars, they are visible across the universe, thus making them the perfect objects that can be used to make the largest map.

Astronomers Take the Credit of Creating First Large-Scale Map of Universe

This amazing brightness of the quasars can be credited to the enormous black holes that are present at the center.

When the energy and matter fall into a quasar’s black hole, they get warm and the temperature begins to rise incredibly making them glow. A 2.5-m telescope detects this bright glow from the Earth.

In order to create the map, the Sloan Foundation Telescope was used by the scientists for studying the exceptional number of quasars.

In the initial 2 years of the Extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS) of Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the astronomers carefully measured the correct 3D positions for above 147,000 quasars.

The observations that were made by the telescope gave the team of astronomers the quasars’ distances, which were further used by them to create the 3D map of where the quasars were located.

However, a smart step was taken by the astronomers by involving the “baryon acoustic oscillations” (BAOs) so that they could use the map for understanding the history of expansion of the universe.

Briefly speaking about BAOs, they are the current imprint of the sound waves, which have travelled through the early universe, where the conditions were much denser and hotter, and denser than the current universe we live today.

About 380,000 years before, the conditions in the universe changed dramatically and the sound waves had become frozen.

In the current 3D structure of the universe, these frozen waves are left imprinted.

The conclusion made in the current research is validated according to the standard model of cosmology, thus being trustworthy.

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