Apple Watch 2 release date expected in September alongside iPhone 7

Apple Watch 2 is expected to be unveiled alongside the release of the upcoming iPhone 7. The launch assumes great significance in the wake of the release of watchOS 3 in June at WWDC 2016 conference.

If you are not aware, Apple has integrated software related enhancements and features. We expect Apple to release the final release of watchOS 3 with more improved features. You can expect Apple Watch 2 to be a full blown watch instead of just new colors and bands.

Apple Watch 2 Sensors

Apple Watch 2 will be shipped with blood oxygen level and a pressure sensor. Moreover, you can also expect Apple to retain the heart rate sensor introduced in the previous release of Apple Watch. Apple has pumped huge investments to establish R&D development facilities ever since the release of the original Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2 Design: Thinner body

Apple Watch 2 will include the same two rectangular sizes as the first release. The main attraction will be the introduction of new materials or colors for the body. According to rumors, Apple Watch 2 will be integrated with a slightly thinner body due to One Glass Solution (OGS) display instead of a Glass/Glass (G/G) display. Moreover, you can also expect a larger display with excellent touch response.

Apple Watch 2 Features: Mobile Connectivity, Faster Processor

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the upcoming Apple Watch will be bundled with a 3G/4G processor, which will enable you to establish connectivity with cellular data networks.

As per reports coming in, Apple is reportedly working on to add cell network connectivity paired with a faster processor. If Apple manages to add the mobile functionality, it will be a deal breaker for the Cupertino-based company since Apple Watch will be able to work completely independently from an iPhone.

Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with an S2 chipset. This will not only provide a lag free experience but also better battery life to a large extent. You will be able to load apps quickly than the first generation Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 2: Improved battery life, New Bands, Price

In addition to an improved S2 chipset, the new Apple Watch 2 will have advanced software optimizations, which will play a major role in increasing the battery life. Moreover, the upcoming Apple Watch 2 will be cooler than the previous counterparts. You can expect additional 1-2 hours of battery backup.

Along with Apple Watch 2, the company will also release updated and overpriced bands. The new bands will enhance the look and feel of the Watch. We expect Apple Watch 2 to cost additional $150 more than the first generation Apple Watch.

Originally launched in April 2015, the Apple Watch has overtaken the refresh cycle. Apple should release the new Apple Watch 2 to occupy a major share in the market.

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