Apple Watch 2 release date next fall, Apple Watch 1 coming alongside iPhone 7

The first generation Apple Watch 1 looks set for a longer stint in the market what with recent reports on this claiming the Cupertino company intending to launch a thoroughly refurbished version of the same this fall.

Apple is already tipped to launch the new Apple Watch 2 in the coming fall though noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that it should not be seen as the end of the road for the Apple Watch 1. Instead, the device could be seen getting a fresh lease of life with a thorough hardware overhaul.

While details are missing at the moment, Kuo is of the view that the Apple Watch 1 might be enhanced with new faster chips made by TSMC. That apart, the first gen Apple watch could also benefit from new waterproofing to better help ward off the elements.

However, that is almost all that seems to be headed for the Apple Watch 1. In contrast, the new Apple Watch 2 is set to be a far more comprehensive affair and is expected to come loaded with several new features. Those include GPS, barometer, and more inherent waterproofing which in turn will ensure a bigger scope of operation for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch 2 is also tipped to receive a larger battery though it’s not known how ‘big’ of an improvement that would be over the current version. An extremely limited battery life has always been one of the biggest lags of Apple Watch 1 and any improvement over that will always be welcome.

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to continue with the same form factor for both the first and second gen watches. That said, the advent of Watch 2 could trigger another round of price cut for its predecessor. As things stand right now, Apple Watch 1 has already been made cheaper post a $50 price cut in March 2016. That has seen its price drop from $349 that it was priced at when launched in April 2015 to the $299 that it costs now.

As for its expected launch window, it is likely to happen around the same time that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices are announced. Apple is already rumored to launch the new iPhone 7 devices around September 16 with pre-orders starting a week before that. Experts believe the new Apple Watch 2 along with the refurbished Watch 1 might go live during the same time.

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