Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Price, Specs, Release Date and Availability

Apple’s plunge into the wearable world is just getting started and it comes with a lot of ups and downs. Needless to remind you that the Apple Watch grappled with an intensely dry quarter in the year 2015, during which time, the sales dropped vertically due to the company’s pricing policy.

Now, with the Apple Watch 2 on the way, it’s the perfect time to make a roundup of what we know so far in terms of price, specs and availability.



According to G4Games, a trustworthy source coming from South Korea, suggests that Apple will stick with the same design on its new smartwatch, including the identical rectangular screen sizes running on the same resolution, and an identical body of the watch to the current model.

In addition, while most sources support that the thickness will be shaved down to make room for a larger battery, G4Games opposes to that scenario.

Others support that the American tech giant, is exploring new possible variations that could ultimately be added to the already wide variation of models; Sports, Steel and Edition. The new models would probably fall right in between the cheapest and the most expensive variant. But don’t put your hopes into the above claim, as it’s only talks for now.

First of all, I believe that no one should have to buy a new watch in just one year, so Tim Cook should thank those who supported the watch, with a free upgrade. It’s the least Apple could do,” said Daniel Will-Harris (above) a watch designer, who sells his time pieces through New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim.

It needs to lose the garish, childish hues we’ve had to endure since iOS 7 and use a selection of colour themes ranging from tasteful to playful.

Specs and features


The second generation of the Apple Watch is coming with a lot of new additions, with some of them making an appearance for the first time.

The first major new feature that has been added is the built-in GPS. A decision that most likely came as a result of Apple’s efforts to make the relationship between the Apple Watch and the iPhone unbreakable, so that it can piggyback on the iPhone’s GPS.

For the most part, the GPS works for fitness and health purposes. For instance, you can take the Apple Watch out with its accompanying iPhone and after around 20 minutes of steady running, your Apple Watch will learn your stride length. After that, you can make a pretty accurate representation of your workout without the need of an iPhone.

Moreover, the upcoming smartwatch will embody improved mechanisms that will make it more water resistant. If you remember, a lot of fuss was created around the first generation Apple Watch, due to its low resistance against water. Sure, a few drops of rain or in the shower were a walk in the park, but anything more than that and your beloved Apple Watch could be fatally damaged.



According to sources, Apple is planning to add a FaceTime video camera to the second-generation Apple Watch, which will enable users to make and receive FaceTime calls via their wrists, thus making the wearable even more independent from the iPhone that traditionally accompanies it. Do you see the controversy here?

The reason I loved the concept of the Watch in the first place was because it was tomorrow’s world, today,” reveals Daniel Thomas, a UX designer, who has previously collaborated with Apple.

I loved the idea of all the tilt-based interactions. The Philips Hue app and Apple Pay. Sending sketches and heartbeats is all well and good, but the thrill quickly wore off for me because there was no real benefit. That would change with FaceTime. If I’m in the future I should be able to videoconference from my wrist. The next Watch has got to have a front-facing HD camera.

Battery Life


According to Apple’s research, most Apple Watch users finish the day with 30% or 40% left in their wearable. The company must be convinced that a battery improvement is not necessary because from the looks of it, there won’t be any major enhancements.

Daniel Matte, who leads wearables research at Canalys, says that processor tech could yield the biggest gains. Warning: things are about to get really techy.

It would be great if Apple could utilise Samsung Foundry’s 14FF process to manufacture the chipsets in the Apple Watch 2,” he said. “It’s already using them in the iPhone, and it would provide major benefits for energy efficiency, which would impact performance and battery life.

Pricing and availability


Judging by the general pricing strategy that keeps Apple’s profits coming in at the end of each day, you’re looking at a tech jewellery that could start at $470 and climb all the way to $17,000 for a premium variant, whose fashion is not just trend that will be over in a year or two.

Now as for the release date, wearables expert Ramon Llamas believes that “it makes sense for a third quarter release. That way, Apple can capitalise on the seasonality of the fourth quarter and align the release with other products like the iPhone and iPad. Any later, and Apple could lose attention to others.

The Watch is ticking and soon it will be released in the markets, so stay tuned to read all the latest news on this and many other hot topics!

Senior reviews editor at Technology News Extra.

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