Apple Music for Apple TV gets Siri Search support in 2016

Apple has just confirmed that Apple Music for Apple TV will be integrated with Siri Search in early 2016.

Back in June, during WWDC 2015, Apple revealed a slew of new software goodness, including Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 desktop and mobile operating systems respectively. In addition to these two, Cupertino went on and revealed its latest pride, the Apple Music streaming service; the company’s entry to the rapidly growing online music streaming industry where Spotify has been prevailing.

Moreover, the company has just circulated its latest version of the Apple TV set-top box, retailing for US$149 for the 32GB version and US$199 for the 64GB one, available in all Apple Stores across the States. The new generation reportedly delivers a whole new user experience, as besides video streaming, the new Apple TV now features a variety of exclusive third party apps that offer users endless possibilities to toy around with their TV.

Software wise, the new Apple TV packs the much-anticipated Siri integration, universal search and voice control.

Apple TV’s remote has undergone major development as well, since it now sports navigation via two mics for Siri, an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion controls on video games and a touchpad for sliding control over skipping back or ahead.

On a more relevant note, Apple confirmed to BuzzFeed news outlet that its Apple Music streaming service will be receiving the Siri universal search upgrade; that way allowing users to search for their favorite artists, songs or albums using the convenience that are voice commands through Siri digital personal assistant.

At the current moment at hand, Apple CEO confirmed to Wall Street Journal that the much-touted Apple Music has accumulated 6.5 million paying users worldwide, while it serves a total of 15 million subscribers.

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