Apple MacBook Pro 2016 release date: MacBook Air price cut hints sooner launch

Apple often cuts prices of its older products before a major launch. It could be a ploy to vacate inventory so that the slate is clean for the launch of a new product. The back-to-school promotion deals now offer the 13-inch MacBook Air for $799 while the 2015 edition of the 12 inch MacBook is available for $999. There are some freebies thrown in making one wonder if the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016 is round the corner.

Appleā€™s authorized resellers are getting ready for the unveiling of a new iteration of the MacBook, and massive discounts are being offered on the previous editions. The 12-inch Book has seen a massive cut in price to the tune of $550 coming from B&H. Add the Parallels 11 application that is worth around $70 and buyers get a discount to the tune of $600.

The Book, which B&H will ship, boasts a 1.3 GHz processor complimented with 8 GB RAM and 256GB memory and is available in Space Gray finish.

However a bigger deal can be found on the 13-inch MacBook Air 2015 edition which is being sold by Adorama for $799 with the Parallels 11 also thrown into the mix, the total savings amount to nearly $300. The device boasts a 1.6GHz processor with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Rumored Specs

Both the packages will be delivered free of charge, and sales tax will also waive for location beyond New York and New Jersey. It is a tantalizing offer but wait, the MacBook Pro 2016 is just round the corner and can hit the shelves anytime after September.

The Cupertino Giant has already indicated that the next iteration of the Notebook will be powered by MacOS Sierra. There are indications that the device could feature the Intel Skylake as the main engine. However recent rumors about the seventh-generation processing chip called Kaby Lake from Intel have increased speculation that the next iteration of the device could feature the Kirby Lake.

Intel has kept a tight lid about the capabilities of the chip, but it is sure to have a formidable punch for the CPU and GPU. So it is entirely possible that Apple will pick up this processor instead of Skylake. Rumors hint that the Pro 2016 is much slimmer and lighter than its processors. It could feature key upgrades like OLED function keys, Siri for Mac and Touch ID remote unlocking.

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