Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs rumor suggests a Samsung OLED display

Apple iPhone 7 rumors have already started surfacing online just after few months of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus made available to buy officially. According to latest reports, iPhone 7 will be sporting an OLED display offered by Cupertino’s rival, Samsung.

It hasn’t been two months since Apple launched the iPhone 6S smartphone and iPhone 6S Plus phablet and the rumor mill is being already flooded with a selection of rumors regarding the specs and the design of the next generation iPhone.

Last week, a video surfaced online, showcasing a possible iPhone 7 concept, which was featuring a top-to-bottom display. The producer relied on Apple’s potential design philosophy of killing the iconic physical home button.

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Moreover, citing a report from Korean ET News, DigiTimes claims that Apple is in touch with arch-rival Samsung for the supply of OLED panels, aimed towards the Apple Watch and the forthcoming iPhone 7.

This allegation is based on the fact that Cupertino tests a variety of features on other device line-ups before bringing it into the iPhone. Some honorable mentions include Force Touch that we first saw on the MacBook line-up and on the Apple Watch Sport, and the Series 7000 alloy from which the Apple Watch was crafted as well.

In addition to the above, OLED panels made their advent into Apple’s portfolio with the Apple Watch wearables too.

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Another factor that would enforce the potential of an OLED iPhone 7, is the infamous battery life of the line-up. The battery has been a severe issue for the Cupertino giant since the inception of the series, let alone the complaints from iPhone users.

In a nutshell, an OLED panel does not need to light up pixels when they’re black, hence it consumes significantly less battery -there are other contributory reasons as well-. In terms of quality, OLED panels deliver deeper blacks, better contrast, as well as less panel consumption.

Relying on the aforementioned facts, it would be at least rational for Apple to opt for an OLED panel for this year’s iPhone, a smartphone that has been battling with poor battery performance since its birth in 2007.

Sources close to the company report that if the company were to go for OLED for the iPhone 7, it should seal the deal with the respective supplier until November. Hence, there is the scenario that Samsung might provide the OLED panels solely for the Apple Watch.


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