Apple iPad Pro 2 launch in September, Mini version reportedly to replace iPad Mini 5

Apple is expected to release iPad Pro 2 before the end of 2016. Even though there are reports about its launch, we don’t have any clear indication as to when the new tablet will be launched. According to reports, the next iteration of the rumored iPad Pro 2 is expected to be launched alongside the upcoming release of iPhone 7 on September 7. If you look at the details, the currently available iPad Pro has already reached the end of its shelf life. Hence, we expect big improvements in the forthcoming iPad Pro 2. As per the reports available from Expert Reviews UK, the iPad Pro 2 will be released along with the iPhone 7 in September. The iPhone 7, to be released on September 7, will be the next big event for the company. This is because the Cupertino-based company is finding it difficult to grab the market share especially in countries like India.

To recall, Apple previously announced the arrival of iPad Pro in September 2015. While the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was specifically designed for the tech enthusiasts, the trimmed 9.7-inch variant of the tablet was oriented for budget users and for those who are on the go. However, the 9.7-inch version was revealed by Apple in March 2016.

If rumors are to be believed, the iPad Pro 2016 will be equipped with the same 12.9-inch display. We don’t have any information about the launch of 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2.

iPad Pro 2 will trigger improved performance

Rest assured, you can expect enhanced performance from the new iPad Pro 2. This is because of the possible integration of Apple A10 processor. To reduce the amount of heat generated by the tablet, Apple has manufactured the processor using the latest 10nm manufacturing technology. Previously, Apple integrated A9X processor in iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2: Same design with 10.5-inch variant

Meanwhile, the Bitbag disclosed that the new iPad Pro will not be an entirely new design. According to sources, Apple had reserved certain key features for 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone in a spectacular way.

There are reports that Apple is gearing up to release a 10.5-inch variant of the tablet. According to analysts, a mid-level tablet of 10-inches will be useful for students and professionals.

Arrival of iPad Pro Mini

According to a report revealed by iTech Post, Apple is expected to release a different variant of iPad Pro named as iPad Pro Mini. If the rumors prove to be correct, then the arrival of the iPad Pro Mini will put an end to the iPad Mini brand.

Apple will most probably replace the new iPad Mini 5 with the iPad Pro Mini. There is also a possibility to release an all-new iPad Pro 2 while retaining a separate Mini variant of the tablet named as the iPad Pro 2 Mini.

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