Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs rumor says it won’t feature 3.5mm headphone jack

A new report has surfaced online suggesting that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 smartphone will not come with the iconic 3.5mm headphone import.

It hasn’t been three months since Cupertino unveiled the latest additions to its smartphone line-up, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and the internet is already being flooded with rumors regarding the next generation device, the iPhone 7.

Most recently, two reports popped up suggesting possible features even for the iPhone 8, which will be ostensibly revealed in 2018.

Moreover, Mac Otakara Japanese Apple blog, published a story claiming that Apple’s plans concerning the tenth iteration of the iPhone series, as aforementioned, includes dismissing the classic 3.5 headphone jack that has been part of all mobile gadgets since the mid-90s’. A simple technology with a useful purpose- plugging in headphones to your smartphone or tablet, or a walkman in the older days.

According to the source, Apple would consider making such a move to slim the iPhone even further. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone import has the potential of making the iPhone 7 a full millimeter thiner, which is a quite significant amount. Furthermore, the 3.5mm jack will be reportedly supplanted by Lighting-based import, as well as the new EarPods will be obviously developed around this technology.

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It is also said that Apple will maintain the accessibility of 3.5mm headphones, by offering a dongle that connects to the new Lighting import and the other edge will support 3.5mm. So these good old $500 Beats won’t go to the attic after all.

Renowned Apple news publication, MacRumors, has stated that the Japanese source could be considered as reliable to a certain degree, as it has accurately predicted some iDevices’ features and specs in the past. In addition to the likeliness of the particular feature being incorporated, the fact that Cupertino introduced the MiFi specification for Lighting-based headphones last year, definitely reinforces the concept at hand.

Apple is a rather influential company in all the fields that is part of, so, if it indeed gets rid-off the classic 3.5mm headphone import, then we are pretty certain that a number of rivals will follow suit.

Live long and prosper 3.5mm jack.

Source: Mac Otakara

Founder of Technology News Extra.

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