Apple Elevates App Download Limit to 150 MB over Cellular Connectivity

Apple rolled out iOS 11 this week, and it is being named as one of the largest updates to the operating system in a long period. iOS 11 transports a crowd of new characteristic such as a new file manager app, a brand new Control Center, and an innovative layout to the App Store amongst other stuffs. While these are outside level updates, Apple has always rolled out tweaks that are concealed for consumers to find as they operate on the new operating system. One such tweak found lies inside the refurbished App Store. Apple has now elevated the boundary of the apps’ size that can be installed over cellular networks.

Apple Elevates App Download Limit to 150 MB over Cellular Connectivity

Consumers can now download applications as big as 150 MB utilizing cellular network. After the limit, Apple will inform you to utilize, for downloading, a Wi-Fi network. Apple claims this will allow users download extra apps from the App Store from their cellular data. This is the first time from 2013 that the company has lifted the size boundary for applications that can be installed using the data from cellular network. Prior to iOS 11, the perimeter was 100 MB that was rolled out with iOS 7.

While Apple has not offered a cause behind the latest limit, the decision is expected in response to how applications in the App Store have developed in size over the last few years. Many apps comprising essential apps in today’s life such as Twitter, Facebook, and Uber are more than 100 MB in size, and while consumers often seem to wait for Wi-Fi network to install apps, that is not always the incident. One more factor might be that rates of cellular network have lowered in recent period with providers, particularly in India, providing more data at more affordable costs. This permits consumers to spend data from cellular network a lot more without an associated pinch to the wallet.

Android consumers have the capability of downloading large apps from data of cellular network without limitations, but Apple doesn’t let you bypass the warning, perhaps due to the fact that it does not want consumers to risk high data charges and install huge apps unknowingly.

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