Apple Inc. shuts down Beats Music on November 30, following Apple Music launch

Apple Inc. has officially announced that it will be shutting down Beats Music streaming service on November 30, following the release of its home-brewed Apple Music counterpart.

It has been merely a year since Cupertino acquired rap artist’s, Dr. Dre, world renowned music streaming and products brand, Beats, whose headphones have turned into an expensive fashion accessory over the years.

With that investment, Apple managed to open up the first music streaming service under its network – after iTunes Match. Though, a summer later -five months ago to be more precise-, the giant unveiled its very own Apple Music streaming service, along with iOS 9, where the app would come pre-loaded.

Hence, there was not really a purpose for Beats Music to hang around anymore – let’s not forget the maintenance expenses- so Apple issued an official statement updating the crowds that the aforementioned service will be shut down on November 30.

Moreover, Sonos is urging users to move all the data from their Beats account to Apple Music, because otherwise it will be lost.

Move your playlists and preferences to Apple Music, coming soon to Sonos.

Beats Music is ending all service on November 30, but don’t worry – Apple Music is coming soon to Sonos. By moving your Beats Music account to Apple Music, you’ll be able to keep your playlists and preferences and listen on Sonos as soon as it is available. Keep an eye out for your invitation with all of the details.

To get ready, be sure to sign up for Apple Music now-free for the first three months-on your iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC. All of your music picks and playlists will be moved from Beats Music to Apple Music, and you’ll be able to browse more than 30 million songs, listen to worldwide radio with Beats 1, and more.

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At the current moment at hand, Tim Cook confirmed to Wall Street Journal that the much-touted Apple Music has accumulated 6.5 million paying users worldwide while it serves a total of 15 million subscribers.

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