Apple A10 chipset revealed: Intel 10nm processors with multi-threading

The upcoming Apple iPhone 7 is expected to ship with Apple A10 processor with six cores manufactured by Intel. When Apple launched the A9 processor, the company claimed that the processor offers 70 percent enhanced performance on the processing side and 90 percent improved performance and ability over the A8.

According to sources, the upcoming Apple A10 processor has entered the testing phase and will focus on 10nm manufacturing process and multithreading with core circuits manufactured by Intel instead of the normal partners like TSMC and Samsung. There are reports that Apple A10 series processor will be integrated into MacBook series instead of Intel, although we can’t confirm the development.

Likely to be manufactured with the 10nm manufacturing process, Apple might be looking at reducing the die count. The 10nm process will also result in reduced heating in a fanless environment without compromising performance. Moreover, Apple is planning to increase the core count on the A10 to six, which according to the company should produce impressive results.


The previously released two core processor produced excellent results both in terms of performance and heating segments. Hence, you can imagine how the integration of 6 cores into Apple A10 works. We expect the addition of 6 cores into the processor will enable you to play all the latest games without any hassles.

When we looked at other sources, we saw a report which states that the upcoming A10 processor is expected to be manufactured on the 16nm FinFET node of TSMC. Even though there are reports that 10nm processors will be integrated with new iPhones, companies manufacturing them are not ready for mass producing 10nm chipsets. Even though companies are ready to roll out trial batches, it is expected that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be equipped with an A9 processor.

Recently, GeekBench released the single-core performance results of the A10 processor, which gives a huge improvement as far the previous counterparts are concerned. While the A10 manages to score slightly lower than the Apple A9X in the two iPad models, there has been a 20 percent increase in performance when compared to A9 chip available in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Earlier, there was an indication that Apple has established a partnership with Intel to supply LTE modems for the upcoming A10 processor. With the recent rumor of Intel providing core chipset spares to A10, we can expect something good in September

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