SHOTS FIRED: Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook calls Microsoft Corporation Surface Book laptop ‘DILUTED’

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, made a rather provocatory remark regarding Microsoft’s first laptop, the Surface Book, during an interview with the Irish Examiner, where Cook mainly discussed his company’s business plans in the country.

More specifically, Cupertino’s chief statement read as following:

“It’s a product that tries too hard to do too much. It’s trying to be a tablet and a notebook and it really succeeds at being neither. It’s sort of diluted.”

The particular remark did not really come out of the blue as it actually coincides with the fuss that has been developed around Apple’s professional tablet, the iPad Pro, that was rolled out to the market on November 11, along with Pencil Stylus and Smart keyboard. So trash talking about one of the arch nemesis of the device might somehow boost sales- in a very unorthodox manner, if we may add.

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The iPad Pro tablet has created a lot of controversy as its overall design aesthetics and suggested functionalities share a striking resemblance with Microsoft’s Surface Pro counterparts.

Redmond’s respective line-up was incepted back in October 2012, with the original Surface tablet. Despite Apple marketing the Pro as a native tablet, both the Surface and the fresh iPad Pro series constitute a conjunction of productivity tablets and laptops, that cannot clarify the consumer base that are targeting.

After the time we have spent with Microsoft’s Surface Book, we believe that the device projects more clearly the market that is aiming at, as more or less it is a laptop featuring a distinguishing design philosophy, that enhances ergonomy and mobility- sort of futuristic as well.

The Surface Book comes in a variety of instalments, that differ in terms of specs, for the user to opt for, with a starting price that will set you back US$1,500, going all the way up to US$3,200.

Update: The respective source has updated the interview, correcting Tim Cook’s remark regarding Microsoft’s Surface Book laptop, from ‘deluded’ to ‘diluted’.

Source: The Irish Examiner

Staff writer at Technology News Extra.


Suli says:

He said ‘diluted’ not ‘deluded’.

Orestes Papanastassiou says:


The original source has just released the correction you are referring to. We updates our respective post as well.

Thanks for he heads up.

-Orestes Papanastassiou, editor-in-chief of Technology News Extra

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