AMD to Focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality in India

Advanced Micro Devices, the multinational semiconductor firm of the U.S., is aiming to extend its group in the country almost 40% by employing 500 engineers to make stronger its aim on new techs comprising virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR). Over and above this, the company is also seeking to re-skill its workers in VR and AR. “We are seeking at VR and AR for now. We will employ new talent, but also we are greatly spending in reskilling and upskilling our current workers to add to the altering needs,” claimed chief operating officer-HR at AMD, Kiranmai Pendyala, to the media in an interview.

AMD to Focus on Virtual and Augmented Reality in India

This is analogous to its plan a couple of years back, when it began operating on game console techs and moved a part of its labor force to the fresh unit. “We had set up the Radeon Technologies team to completely operate in the graphics segment and virtual reality as well as identified machine learning as latest development sectors for us,” Pendyala claimed further while addressing the reporters.

To begin with, AMD did not have these skill sets amongst its workers in Hyderabad and had to transport in most of the talent from the U.S. “We did short-term assignments and job rotations in various nations and practiced reverse mentoring,” Pendyala further added to the media.

AMD is also sourcing expertise and talent in technologies from institutions in the U.S. such as University of Texas and Austin as well as MIT, apart from Indian institutions such as IIIT Hyderabad and various other IITs. In India, the Sunnyvale located firm consists of 18% women in the midst of its 1,300 workers, higher than its average of 15% all over the world. More than 50% of its labor force is outside of the U.S. Just 300 of its workers in India are in the software section. “We hugely have hardware engineers as employees, that is, labor force who operate with silicon,” Pendyala claimed at an event in an interview last week.

Well, AMD for now will be investing greatly in India to make its company reach the height of success.

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