Amazon Rolls Its Second Fulfillment Center In UP has declared to roll out its 2nd Fulfillment Center in UP. The latest center in Lucknow is built across 50,000 Square Feet with more than 35,000 Cubic Feet of storage room. The company claimed that the move to install this center gave a number of medium and small businesses a state to leverage the expansion of digital economy. They can now reach to a wider user base via e-commerce portal.

The firm now has 2 fulfillment centers in UP (Lucknow and Ghaziabad) providing close to 150,000 Cubic Feet of storage room for quicker delivery to users in this area. This is one of the seven lately declared fulfillment centers for 2017. The firm claimed that by the end of this year, it will have 41 fulfillment centers all over 13 states of the nation with a mutual storage room of almost 13 Million Cubic Feet.

Amazon Rolls Its Second Fulfillment Center In UP

The company claimed that the center will also offer a boost to the domestic economy by allowing the expansion of ancillary businesses such as transportation, packaging, hospitality, and logistics all over the state.

In addition to this, the logistics subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon India, Amazon Transportation Services, got a combination of Rs 207 Crore from Amazon Malaysia and Amazon Corporate Holdings Singapore, as per the documents registered with the filings of companies.

This is the 2nd mixture in the company in the last 6 months, since the main company assigned Rs 67 Crore to Amazon Transportation Services in September 2016. The fund mixture comes at an occasion when both Flipkart and Amazon India have leveled up their warehousing and fulfillment network to provide to dedicated lines of business, comprising bulky and heavy groups such as large appliances and furniture, and for their incursion into play and food retail in FMCG.

In May 2017, Amazon declared the installation of 7 new fulfillment centers. The company has spent heavily in elevating its existence all over various cities in terms of storehouse network. It presently has a network of 41 fulfillment centers, along with 31 fulfillment centers below management.

Let us hope that Amazon flourishes all over the world.

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